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Top 10 Android Games for 2014

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Android tabs and smartphones are absolutely great for playing games. Having trudged a long way in the recent few years, Android games are undoubtedly the hot favorite among gamers today. Though, many new gamers get confused about where to start their gaming adventure from. Here’s a quick round-up of the top 10 Android games for 2014, which is sure to be liked by beginners and experienced gamers alike.

Stick Cricket

top 10 android games

Stick Cricket is undoubtedly one of the hot favorites of Android gamers, thanks to the simplicity and compulsive nature of the game. If you are a gamer craving for an IPL fix or off-season Ashes, this game would be the perfect choice to make. With all its licensed teams, it’s highly and insanely addictive. Download it on Google Play Store and enjoy gaming!


top 10 android games

Flow Free is a color-based, ultra-absorbing puzzle game that’s adequately simple for children to begin and challenging enough for adults to play through several hundreds of levels. Players just need to link matching colored dots by simply swiping their finger between the dots to form a pipe, but without crossing the colors. Mere fun with highly complex thinking abilities!

Deer Hunter

top 10 android games

Deer Hunter, the popular hunting game, is ideal for every player’s inner carnivore, letting them to hunt sim with plentiful wealth of animals, locations, upgrades, and weapons. A fun game to try your hands at!

Cut the Rope

top 10 android games

With a perfect combination of simple to understand yet difficult to master skills, this classic gravity-oriented game is absolute fun! Players need to cut hanging ropes with candies in such a way that it drops into the mouth of a green monster that this physics-based game features. With 100 levels as of now, Cut the Rope is a promising puzzle game.

The Impossible Quiz

top 10 android games

If you are a quiz lover, this Android game is sure to impress you. Being funny, counterintuitive, and silly, it stays up to its name. Get ready to sob with tears of frustration while you would like to give it another try. In short, The Impossible Quiz is oddly addictive!

Flight Control

top 10 android games

Revise your NATO phonetic alphabets for this fun-filled flight game. Players have to direct the planes in to land on several runways by sketching flight ways with fingers. It’s unbelievably simple, but still insanely addictive all over the world.

Qube Kingdom

top 10 android games

This interesting Android game is a blend of tower and RTS defense games featuring Minecraft-style, blocky graphics and upgradeable heroes. With cute visuals, this is a quite basic kind of tower defense game at heart, but still pretty addictive.


top 10 android games

One of the first few shock-value entertainment games, Carmageddon cheerfully broadcasts the truth that it was prohibited across the world. Players get to mow down fellow drivers and pedestrians in this addictive game.

Pinball Arcade

top 10 android games

If you love pushing coins into slots at a bar or an arcade, this is the right game for you. The game certainly gains lots of applauds for the design and mechanics of real tables. In simple words, it’s a digital haven for Pinball fans.


top 10 android games

A sandbox adventure game in the action genre with different world from the underworld to the floating islands, Terraria will undoubtedly eat up lots of your time. Absolute fun!

These are some of the brilliant Android games that are highly popular among the gamers! There’s plenty more that the Android platform offers to players.

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