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Tomorrow’s home today! Looking at the modern connected home

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Personalizing your home is incredibly important. Whether your household is a busy hub of family life or a sanctuary to come back to after a long day at work, you’re sure to value the warmth and individuality that it offers.

With new and exciting possibilities always developing for life at home, there are many ways for you to ensure your house is cutting-edge. The Internet has brought a whole host of exciting opportunities into the places we live and here we look at some of the latest features of the modern connected home so that you can get the home of tomorrow, today!

Full Wi-Fi coverage

A good internet connection has been essential in homes for some time now, but unfortunately it doesn’t always cover every inch of your property. With a wide variety of portable devices found in most households, there’s no excuse for having a poor internet connection that doesn’t reach every corner of every room.

With a Wi-Fi extender, you can get online from just about anywhere. This means being able to take your laptop or smartphone into the garden and still gain access to the Internet.

You can find out more about the Wi-Fi extenders that BT Connected Home provided on their website.

Smart devices

Connected devices are no longer limited to computers, laptops and mobile phones. As Wi-Fi has become a standard feature of every modern home, all sorts of appliances are taking advantage of the possibilities.

Today you can find everything from a smart fridge which is able to automatically place your shopping order online when it detects that you’re low on supplies to a connected kettle which can be controlled remotely via your mobile phone in the home.

One particular example of these devices is the LG Smart Manager fridge which, as reported in the London Evening Standard, can “automatically add food to a user’s online shopping account” and even “switch on the oven to the correct temperature and set a timer via a wireless connection” once users select a recipe to cook based on the fridges online suggestions.

Media centres

The Internet provides a seemingly infinite range of entertainment – from obscure horror films to the kids’ favourite musical performances – so it makes sense to find a way of harnessing it all.

In addition to smart TVs, which can connect to the web and allow you access to catch-up services and live TV programming, it’s also possible to set up a media centre over your home network. Media centres allow you to store all of your films, music and photos in one place and then access them from a range of devices from any part of your home.

Limitless connections

With so many opportunities to get online in the home, it makes sense to find a connection which allows you to get the most from the web. Households which enjoy a lot of media – whether it’s high quality films or music streaming – should be free of a usage limit.

Similarly, whether you’re connecting for work or for pleasure, it makes sense to have a connection which doesn’t keep you waiting and this means updating your home with the latest technology.

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