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5 Tips to Increase your Laptop Battery Life

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Laptop-BatteryUsually Laptop batteries have a life time of 2 years, But if you take care of your laptop you can prolong the life of your Laptop Battery. Here are some tips to Increase the Battery Life:

#1. Usage: Always plug in the Laptop, use the Laptop unplugged when it is necessary to do so. Most of the people use the Laptop on battery mode and plug it in when the battery is completely dead. At least during night time when you are sleeping plug your laptop in and sleep, so that it charges fully.

#2. Power Management: Every computer has Power Management tools, Create a Power Plan.
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For Example: If your laptop is plugged-in Increase brightness, Sleep Time etc,. when on battery mode decrease them to a lower value. If you create a Power Plan then your computer will automatically adjust its power plan accordingly.

#3. Discharge & Recharge: At least once in a month, Discharge the full battery until it is fully drained and Plug in the Laptop until it is fully charged. This is necessary for prolonging battery life.

#4. Additional RAM: Add another RAM, if you have an additional RAM slot extension. This decreases the usage of Hard-Disk and Power usage.

#5. Stand-by/Hibernation: Hibernate your Laptop rather than putting it in Stand-by mode. Hibernation actually saves more by saving your computer’s state and shutting down, Hence using a small part of Hard-Disk and saving power.

Additional Tip: When you are not going to use the laptop for more than 10-15 days, then remove the battery and store it in a cool dry place. If a battery is unused, it loses its charge eventually.

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If you have any tips for Increasing Battery Life of Laptop’s, Please post them in Comments Section.

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10 Comments to 5 Tips to Increase your Laptop Battery Life

  1. I’m using laptop most of the time now because I can actually finish more works than using my desktop. Maybe the limited function of laptop helps me in disciplining myself. But, issue with regards to the battery is my major problem. Just after a couple of hours using it, I need to plug it in and recharge the battery. This has always been my routine and that’s why I’m a bit worried about the battery life of my laptop because I usually charge it. Great that you’ve pointed out these effective ways.

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