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5 Things you should know about The New iPad before buying

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The buzz of the Apple Fans, Tech lovers, and other users around the world has come to an end. Apple launched their next generation iPad as “The New iPad (3rd generation)” on March 7th 2012. Surprisingly, they didn’t mention Sprint as it’s carrier in their launch. The New iPad came up with many exciting features and because of the crazy iFans.. ah I must say, that Apple managed to sell over 3 million iPads in just 4 damn days, could you believe it.

Lately in 2011, Apple predicted that Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tabs as their primary threats. Fortunately, one of their predictions came true, as Kindle Fire has successfully driven over 30% of iPad sales towards themselves, which clearly ruined the festive season of Apple iPad 2. If you are planning to buy New iPad, I believe that this article might help you to make some decision. <also read iPad 3 Rumor>

The New iPad

Many people on Social Media sites, blogs, and other mediums have raised their voice, that Apple might lose their charm without Steve Jobs. But with the successful launches iPhone 4S, and New iPad, Apple made a strong statement to the world that though Steve isn’t physically there, but his ideas and ideology will be with them forever.

The New iPad came up with some considerable enhancements, most of us expected the Retina Display, Siri and 4G LTE Network in it, they’ve manged to bring Retina Display and 4G LTE Network, but they haven’t included Siri. In this article, we are going to check out Things that you should know about Apple’s third generation “New iPad”.

5 Major things you must be aware of Apple’s New iPad

#1. The 3rd generation iPad is named as “The New iPad or The Latest iPad or simply The iPad”; It’s neither iPad 3 nor iPad HD:

Well, I’m still confused with the name. But, by considering the name from Apple’s official site, it is confirmed that the name of third generation iPad is “The New iPad”. People predicted that name is going to be Apple iPad 3 or iPad HD, but kicking all these speculations aside Apple came-up with unpredictable name. This isn’t first time that Apple stayed from the speculated names, they tried their best to stay original.

#2. Reduced Price of iPad 2:

Apple used their old strategy by dropping the prices of their former product. Apple dropped the price of iPad 2 to $399. The features of the New iPad are significantly dominating when compared to the older one and that might be one of the major reason for reduction in price and also some other reasons like; to encourage users to buy the older products at cheaper and attractive price. This strategy will definitely help iPad 2 to survive for much longer time span and give strong competition for cheaper Tablets in the market like Kindle Fire. The current prices of the New iPad are as follows –

New iPad Wi-Fi variant

  • 16GB Wi-Fi – $499
  • 32GB Wi-Fi – $599
  • 64GB Wi-Fi – $699

New iPad 4G LTE Network variant

  • 16GB 4G LTE – $629
  • 32GB 4G LTE – $729
  • 64GB 4G LTE – $829

New iPad

#3. Retina Display 

On the release note of the New iPad, the officials claimed that the display of the devices will be much sophisticated and sharper. The New iPad comes with High-Definition Retina Display, and with stunning 2048×1536 pixel resolution at 264 pixel/inch which is claimed to be much better than your Television and also provides us with sharper picture quality. I’ve read on many other blogs like GDGT, Huffingtonpost, TechCrunch, T3, which stated that “The Display of the New iPad is the best and sharpest display ever”. The display quality is one of the major aspects that Apple focused in its third generation iPad.

#4. Camera and Battery

The New iPad is loaded with 5MP Primary Camera and VGA Secondary Camera. It also includes some interesting features like Autofocus, Face detection, geotagging, and few more. The Video recording is yet another asset. You can enjoy capturing your memories with HD output at 1080p @ 30fps with audio. It also supports iCloud which mean that you can sync your iDevices and store the files in the remote space provided by iCloud.

Despite of its sleeky style, the New iPad is loaded with ultra-powerful battery (42.5 watt lithium-polymer battery) with which you can perform your tasks like browsing, watching videos, playing songs upto 10 hrs.

#5. No Siri and 4G LTE Network

The 4G version comes with a special feature namely – Personal Hotspot which improves your browsing speed a lot. The standout feature of Apple iPhone 4S – Siri is not featured into the New iPad. People considered that Siri is going to be the default feature on succeeding devices of iOS 5, but somehow Apple didn’t focus on it. The New iPad is the first ever 4G device from Apple. The 4G LTE networked version is closely 10 times faster than 3G version. It also comes with Wifi, Bluetooth connectivity. The tablet is available only on Verizon and AT&T carriers, somehow Apple neglected Sprint.

These are the 5 most important things that you need to know or consider while buying Apple’s New iPad. We’ll come-up with more analysis about the New iPad and also we’ll compare it with various other tablets in the Industry currently, that might help you to take much wiser decision.

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