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5 Must Have Things To Get Free Music Online

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In this post we are going to deal with 5 Must Have Things to Get Free Music Online. World wide web seems to have a new growing tendency – people’s obvious intention and searching to get free music online.

You can stumble upon similar questions and requests to recommend sources for free MP3 downloads in forums, QA sites and Social Media Networks.

People furiously search for getting their favorite singles, for free, yet not knowing about sleeky tools which make our fan life much easier. I’ll list five top paths leading to get free music online, with their pros and cons.

5 Best Elements to Get Free Music Online


#1. Web services

  • There is a great deal of online services which download and convert music from YouTube clips.
  • Keepvid.com, Video2mp3.net to name a few. They all have the same scenario: you find music of your dream on YouTube, copy the link into a special bar in a site and click “download” tab.
  • These are best sources to get free music online allowing you to download you favorite music.

Pros: you get MP3 very quickly, you don’t need to download anything additionally.

Cons: MP3s are often of a low quality, YouTube limited only,

Bottom line: Go for it if you don’t care about music quality and are ready for occasional website downtime.

get free online music - with keepvid web services

#2. Browser Plug-ins

  • There are tons of extensions for Mozilla Firefox which let you download audio from a site or from YouTube.
  • You just need to install the one from official Mozilla addons site – https://addons.mozilla.org/ Mozilla tops VideoDownload Helper which extracts embedded audio tracks from YouTube-like sites within seconds.
  • Alternatively, I’d recommend to look at software like Freemake Video Downloader or Internet Download Manager which offer browser plugins which can download MP3 from your browser as well.
  • You might be aware of the browser plugins, which really help us to get free music online and they save lot of time for us.

Pros: quick accesibility from your browser tab

Cons: a scarce list of addons available for Chrome, Safari and Opera browsers

Bottom line: suitable for those who is on FireFox.

get free music online - browser plugins

#3. Online Music Players

  • Free online players is another great opportunity to listen to your favorite music for free. Prostopleer.com allows you to search for a certain track or an artist.
  • You can build music playlists and share them with friends online. Last.fm free music player, an extension for Chrome, plays music you want right from your browser.
  • Based on tracking your listening habits the player recommends you music you might like. To use this player you will need to sign up to last.fm online service.
  • Many free online music players were available these days.

Pros: rich library of contemprorary music, filters by song title, artist, album

Cons: no option to save music to your PC if you want to burn CD or MP3 discs, not available for some countries

Bottom line: appropriate for high speed Internet owners

get free music online - online music players

#4. Torrent Networks

  • Letting aside the controversial issue of legality I’d still recommend these services for audio enthusiasts who have no chances to find rare music on YouTube-like sites.
  • On torrent sites you will find audiobooks, audio CD rips, soundracks, karaoke files and Apple lossless files for iPod, iPhone.
  • Torrent sites are based on a file-sharing, peer-to-peer method.
  • It means to get your download you need to share it and all downloaded files with others through the whole torrent network.
  • With such a scheme the more files you share with others, the faster your downloads are. Torrents are best place to get free music online.

Pros: all types of music genres incl. most exotic ones available.

Cons: needs torrent client local install, dependency on torrent network capacity. In some countries torrent sites use is strictly penalized.

Bottom line: really good as an alternative for music that is hard to find in other sources

get free music online - torrent-sites-logo

#5. Free Software

  • I’d focus here on one freeware because it meets all my music needs. Freemake Video Downloader is my great find.
  • The all-in-one utility serves like a mighty YouTube converter.
  • It saves YouTube in MP3 on the fly and extracts audio from video keeping its original quality.
  • It delivers songs to PC or directly to iPod without reconverting them, from multiple sites. Thus, these are most prominent sources that which help us to get free music online.

Pros: downloads music in its original quality, supports 50 sites for download, uploads songs directly to iTunes

Cons: requires NET Framework 4.0 Client Profile

Bottom line: ideal for everybody, a PC beginner and an audio enthusiast alike

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Galina is a computer enthusiast and a video geek. Sometimes I help localize software which I find good. The latest contribution is for freemake.com

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