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Things To be considered Before buying a New Mobile Phone

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The Old phone of yours seriously doen’t suit you anymore right? And you find it way less appealing than the other flashy and latest weapons of mass communication, i.e cellphones people around you are carrying. Or are you the workaholic type who thinks that “the Phone you are using now does the work and what more could you expect right?”

In any case all you need is a new phone that matches your needs, that sophisticates the lifestyle or your corporate life!

A phone is a friend that can well be developed to a better one. That phone you think was working great could be replaced by a much better alternative that does the same and also does some other additional thing too that your mobile lacks.

And now if I have convinced you to buy a new phone instead of that ex-junk that you were using, you must be clueless about what to buy. I mean, don’t you see that a New phone with an awesome never seen before technology pops up every passing day, and frankly you are not that geeky to remember all the names.

So this is a guide or preferably a list of things you should do before buying a new phone:

What’s the Budget

Practically there are chinese illegal phones you can get for a mere price of 100 bucks (around 4000 odd rupees) and there are phones that cost a fortune, and a bit fancy for the little wallet of yours.
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The power of  Plastic (i.e. credit cards) can buy you anything but the EMIs get pretty irritating. No? So make sure you have the money, or you can have it. Fix a budget Try Not to be too fancy with the things.

Feature List

So you have the money and you go hopping around a shop and you’ll only end up buying a phone that does the trick but not that extra special. The same old thing you had and nothing special.

That’s why the next step is make a list of all the features that you want in a phone. The feature that helps you will be perfect, u don’t need a 3G connected phone when you don’t have a  3G  connection. So its better to buy that phone with the better camera rather than buying a 3G phone.

Fix The Brand

So you have a special affinity towards a brand name Like “you’d give that extra 5000” that you could have used elsewhere to the smart salesman just for that NOKIA phone rather than a SAMSUNG.

Well, that’s just not that smart Every brand has problems with their phones, just ask for customer feedback if you Love a model, and only buy then.

Google Is The Best Thing to Use

Before taking a single step out of your apartment just google stuff that you are going to buy, Google stuff to select phones.

And Compare amongst the models that are available in the Indian market, see the pricing that suits you, bring out that feature list and see if the features that you thought matched and Yes check out if a better model is available.

Remember to check customer feedback once you’ve selected a cellphone.

Time To Step Out

And now you are all ready and convinced about what you want to buy and make your life easier. Remember a Phone is a friend. Just avoid the luring of the smart salesmen.

They’ll say good things about that new phone of which you already now the customer feedback of! So naik the salesman and get yourself a nice bit of the weapon of mass communication.

So all I can sum up and say is, look for the next technology that helps you connect with people and makes you Believe in yourself and you can find intelligence everywhere!
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9 Comments to Things To be considered Before buying a New Mobile Phone

  1. Well there are many things that have to keep in mind like
    > Support after purchasing the device
    > Will meet the minimum requirements of yours
    > Must contain multimedia features
    > Will be in the budget
    > Should be the latest one in the market

  2. OS, features, 3G support, camera megapixel and of course price — these are the things that I look first in a mobile phone before buying it!

  3. I really don’t care how Boost is marketing their service. They are idiots if they think we care. $50 for all you can eat. Sign me up. Can we use the HTC hero on Boost?

  4. in my opinion a new phone must have 3G , front camera , and must be a NOKIA , which gives regular updates like free GPS OVI maps on my nokia 5800 xpress music

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