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The One Essential thing you Need to Start Making Money Online

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A lot of people have been in the game of trying to make money online for a long period of time yet they can’t make a cent. Writing this post reminds me of a particular reader of mine I was chatting with months ago. This particular reader was so frustrated and really desperate to make money online and after a few explanations and reassurance from me that it is really possible to make money online the next question this reader asked was, can you please list all the ways to make money online?

What a smart question! In fact, what a really smart question! But unfortunately that is where many of us miss it. I remember when I was also very new to the concept of making money online, I battled with this same thing and I was really desperate to make money online. I went from trying one approach to the other and I started reading every book I could on the subject of making money online with hopes that I will start making money online in no time.

How wrong I was! I read books on email marketing, I read books on blogging, I read books on affiliate marketing and I read books on information marketing. I always saw all those books as useless because they couldn’t fulfill their promise of me making money online after reading them. I didn’t know I was the one something is wrong with.

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#1. FOCUS is the Main Thing You Need to Start Making Money  Online

Focus is the Key

Focus is the Key

I know you might be expecting to hear one magic word, which is what I also did when I was in the same situation as you. I was always looking for new ways to make money online without knowing there really isn’t any new way. Every new way is a product of an old way.

To really succeed and make money online you have to understand that there is no new way to making money online because you won’t make any cent until you realize this.

Take a look at your life and online business and you will notice one thing in common with all your failed enterprises. That one thing is lack of focus.

Every single business we start has a great potential of succeeding if we have what it takes but the problem is that success really takes time. Stop looking for more ways to make money online, you already know enough ways to make you a fortune so instead, look for one method you love most and focus all your efforts on it. You will be getting more results than you can ever imagine in no time.

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Onibalusi Bamidele is a 17 year old entrepreneur who helps you learn how to make quick cash, he also teaches you how to get traffic to your blog.

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