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The Most Useful iPad Apps for Writers

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In this post we are going to deal with Best Writer iPad Apps.The iPad is perhaps the most useful companion to have with all the functions and facilities it offers. Slim and light, it is convenient to carry twenty four hours of the day, and both work and leisure activities can be conducted on it. The iPad becomes even more efficient and multi-purpose with the hundreds of apps that are constantly being added.

A common user may want them all, but it pointless to have apps that are not useful or fall beyond the realm of a person’s interests. Getting apps that meet specific needs are preferable and worth investing in. Thus, writers can get apps that will help them with their writing, providing all the tools that they should have at their disposal. Writers get ideas at all times and often write them down, to be used later.

Some of the Best Writer iPad Apps:

#1. Pages – iPad Writer’s Application


Pages is rated as the best word processing app for the iPad and an asset for all those needing to have some writing to do. Pages helps to create various types of documents with templates, formatting features, multiple layout options etc.

It also offers facilities to transfer documents to other devices. It comes with a price tag of $9.99.

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#2. The Writing Nook– Ipad Writer’s Application

The Writing Nook is meant for those who need to write while on the move.It enables writers to write without any distractions and is meant to create the perfect writing environment.

It meets all the writers’ needs of word counts, dictionary and thesaurus, spell check and a variety of font sizes. While not a substitute for word programs it works perfectly in the absence of a PC or a laptop. It costs $4.99.

#3. Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus

Often, there is a thought in the writer’s mind but can’t get the right word for it-this is when the thesaurus is needed, and even a dictionary to look up the exact meaning of a word you are tempted to use.

It does not even require an internet connection and is handy even in the center of a park or while travelling. For a mere $0.99, this app simplifies tasks and there is no need to carry these two in book form everywhere you go.

#4. Notably – iPad Writer’s Application

Writers are known for the small diary that appears out of bags and pockets, or scraps of paper with some scribbles. These are the writers’ treasures, which even get lost.

To keep them safe and secure, and properly the Notably app provides an electronic form of notes that can be added at any time and then emailed to any address. With auto save and formatting features, it is the best place to save thoughts and ideas. It comes for $2.99.

The list goes on endlessly, but these apps would add to every writer’s efficiency and be of immense help. Hope you liked our article on writing apps for iPad, and you can also check out interesting information about Mobile Email Solutions.

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2 Comments to The Most Useful iPad Apps for Writers

  1. Pages is cool for layouting documents, but writing large texts with it is a pain. My favorite writing tool on the iPad is Textkraft.

  2. Thanks for thesse applications. Great post!

    In business/productivity app, I’d like to recommend a great one which integrated an interesting concept; saving time from your notes. This app, Beesy, generates automatically ToDo lists from a smart note taking. Also, the advantage is you can easily generate professional minutes from your notes and send them by email. Besides, you can browse your ToDo by actions,projects or people. You save a lot of time at meetings.
    I strongly recommend Beesy for people which often have meetings and want to appreciate them again 😉


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