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The Easiest Way To Install FB ‘Like’ Button For Blogspot Blogs Using Live Writer Plug-in

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Let’s face it. If you are a blogger, you probably understand the importance of social networking for getting traffic for your blog. Facebook with its 400 million odd users is a phenomenon in itself and the recently launched Open Graph project has made Facebook a very important place to share your blog posts. The Facebook ‘Like’ button is now available at almost all blogs you read and it is very helpful for your blog for multiple reasons.

  • The more people click on the ‘Like’ button against your post, there are chances that it will help in getting the post across more people which means – More Traffic
  • Based on the number of ‘Likes’ your posts receive, you can gauge as to which posts are popular with the readers. This will help in aligning your blog content to your readers liking.

However, implementing the FB like feature can be tricky if you are not someone who is comfortable with even technical know-how of coding. What do you then?

If you use Windows Live Writer (if you are not, it is one of the best editors out there), there is a one click solution to implement FB Like button on your blog without even bothering to go into the theme settings or touching any piece of code.Assuming you are familiar with Windows Live Writer, here is a step-by-step process to install FB like feature
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  • Ensure you have Windows Live Writer installed on your computer
  • Click on the source- FB Like Plugin For Live Writer [Official link from Windows Live website]
  • Once the link opens, click on ‘Download’ to start the download of the plug-in. You might get a warning saying “Unverified submission”. Click on Install to continue the process. I have been using the same for quite sometime and there have no issues
  • Once the download is over, click on the .msi file to start installing the plug-in
  • That’s it. Once the set up completes you are done

This was easy, isn’t it. How to see if the feature is working? Open you live writer and open an existing post or write a new post on your blog. As soon as you hit ‘Publish’ you will be prompted with a message which looks like this


Just click ‘Yes’ and you are good to go. The plug-in will automatically insert a FB Like button just below the title of every article when you publish it from Live Writer. After that all your posts will feature a FB like button as shown below


Give it a try and let us know if you face any issue while installing the plugin. Also, do you know of any easier ways to install FB Like button on your blogspot blog posts. Please feel free to share

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  1. FB button is a good source of bringing targeted traffic to your blog. Apart from that Try social bookmarking. Post your links on major social bokmarking sites but dont spam it, they will ban you. It will definitely help you in getting instant traffic.

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