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The Coolest Place to Promote Your Band is Internet

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There used to be days when you had to experience an enormous amount of trouble just to be anybody in the world of music. You had to do plenty of Live Gigs to know people. Those Gigs never payed. All the effort and so little recognition. We know the story!

Every musician wants to promote their music and get noticed by the Music label people, and then go on making more and more music. But wouldn’t it be great if you’re music is already known by a bunch of people, before you actually record something. The managers too look for someone with a good bunch of fan following, so that if you record a CD your fans will ensure the sell is good enough to help you make the next CD.

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Well,you don’t get famous on the net with nothing. In this case rather than live performances you’ll have to focus on recording.

Just like a blog depends on its content mostly and then its layout, your fame as an artist primarily and most Importantly Depend on how good your music is. Everything else will just come around. So if you think you and your band have what it takes to be the next Guns N Roses or AC/DC or Metallica , in 21st century you gotta be Net savvy!

Without saying the first thing you need to do is to record your music. Some people just can’t get this right. For some its the hardest job in the world. But once you get accustomed the recording is quite easy. You need three things.

  1. A software like Audacity (which is free) and not complicated at all to use! There are many other softwares too like adobe audition etc. but unless you do piracy those are costly.
  2. Buy those mono to stereo transformer jacks, they are easily available at electronic stores. These help you get your regular guitar wire to directly plug them into the system.. Result- Less Noise.
  3. Mix the tracks when the recording is done, the finishing is important. Add effects, or lose noise. Audacity can help a little bit!

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So when the track is mixed, you are all set to go post them on various sites. But first get your own site. Find a free site maker online like WEBS and make the official website of your band.

Considering you already have a group of Facebook friends, you should promote your band in Facebook. Create a Fan Page for your band. Have some pics and some info. Ask friends to Join in.

There are two sites that will help you promote your music most nationally. Myspace and Reverbnation will help you a lot if you have good music. Upload music in these two places Reverbnation in particular will feature you in charts once you are popular. Reverbnation also makes a My Band page in Facebook. And the best part is you can sync your Twitter and Facebook using Revrbnation.

Once you get all these done, you shouldn’t call it the end of everything. Regular updates is what everyone craves for. Record a song once in a while and upload them.

There are other sites like IndiarockMP3 and blogs like Indian Rocket which will update you with local gigs and artists and  will let you promote your music. If you’re lucky enough to get a feature..you are all the way to the mainstream.

For Indian artists, there are Forums like IndianRockForum to share your music. and FREQ20 to discuss the technical parts, learn new tricks, and discuss the gears that you use.

So keep the music coming, play your soul out loud and make connection through internet. But still live gigs are important too, internet promotion is just a part of the whole process. Remember to be successful in the industry you have to be professional in both live play and recording stuff.  All the Best!
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A comedy blogger with a pinch of humor. Soon to be a computer engineer by choice! The guy who screwed his own computer for gazillion times and watched that getting repaired, and thankfully its still working! I am the nightmare of hardware engineers, and sometimes a Gadget Freak!

14 Comments to The Coolest Place to Promote Your Band is Internet

  1. Thank you! 😛 Each word of the bio is true! Except I’m thinking of other carrier options as well! 😀 Never Mind that! 😛

    And yeah I am a comedy blogger…well it doesn’t count if you don’t laugh at my jokes! >:(

  2. Thank you! 😛 Each word of the bio is true! Except I’m thinking of other carrier options as well! 😀 Never Mind that! 😛

    And yeah I am a comedy blogger…and it doesn’t count if you don’t laugh at my jokes! >:(

  3. I found another really good article on hubpages that has other good information that helps your band or music group get noticed. IT has some really good tips about advertising your band on facebook and twitter.

  4. Well, how many songs can a freshly started band have …so that they can create their own radio?? :/

    And the promotion thing…Believe Me…Reverbnation Works Like Magic! 😀 So does Myspace!

  5. internet is a good place to promote and sell your product easily. if you have good amount of money in your pocket then you can easily make it a success in fewer days.
    for example: if you had a new phone and want to launch it in a market just try to capture top blogs on mobile phone, when they write the review of your mobile phone in no time your product will be noticed by many of them and makes a success in no time

  6. There’s a new garage rock band outta New London, CT getting some buzz called Straight to VHS. Two songs stand out on their EP “It’s Fun” (check out the video) and “Hey!” Let me know what you think.

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