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The Best Electronic Cigarette of 2011

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Thousands of Americans smoke and thousands try to quit each year. Many are unsuccessful as even using products such as Chantix or Nicorette doesn’t seem to kill the craving. What many smokers are addicted to, aside from the nicotine itself, is the sensation of smoking. Many smokers love the feeling of bringing a cigarette to their lips and watching themselves exhale smoke, and this is just what the electronic cigarette has tried to fulfill.

The electronic cigarette does it all. It looks like a cigarette, produces vapor that looks like smoke, have a cherry that lights up, and can even be flavored. They produce the same stimulating effects of smoking a traditional cigarette without producing the harmful side effects, and many smokers are taking notice. Even celebrities such as Katherine Heigl and Leonardo DiCaprio have been able to quit with the help of electronic cigarettes.

However, the question remains: Which electronic cigarette is the best one?

Currently, Green Smoke offers one of the most highly rated electronic cigarettes on the market. Although this product is a little bit more expensive that other e-cigs, you definitely get way you paid for. Not only is this one of the most realistic looking electronic cigarettes on the market, but it also produces the most satisfying smoke vapor which most smokers find to be gratifying.


What is the most unique about the Green Smoke electronic cigarette when compared to others, is the 2 part design. The mouth piece is replaced with each use which is more hygienic as it prevents the growth of bacteria. The atomizer in the cartridge is also replaced with each new use so that you are able to get a great taste every time. This replacement also prevents any musty odors or poor performance which could ruin the satisfaction of your electronic cigarette.

A good electronic cigarette will always closely simulate smoking the real thing to produce the highest level of satisfaction. The e-cigarette should feel just like a traditional cigarette and should never feel bulky or awkward in your mouth.

When it comes to your health, quitting smoking should be a priority, and to enhance your chances of success, you should purchase the best e-cigarette product available. Choosing a more inexpensive brand that won’t give you the satisfaction you crave from smoking will only set you up for failure. So don’t be afraid to spend a few additional dollars to help yourself quit smoking, and check into Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. It may be one of the best health care purchase you make. If you’re looking for other options, try those vapes or portable vaporizers too. It’s a very good way to take baby steps on quitting smoking if you feel that you can’t stop abruptly. Vaporizers like www.DaVinciVaporizer.com should be your top choice.

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  1. wow, gr8 article Sid! 🙂 i will surely recommend this to my friends. smoking is one of the greatest problems affecting health, if there’s a tricky way to avoid the harmful effects then why not implement it!

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