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Thanking All the Guest Writers, Fans for their Support and Love

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We have successfully finished our 3rd year run with Blogging and other Services on August 26th 2010. I have requested the Co-Bloggers in my network to write a guest post for us on SEO, Social Media and Blogging Tips on this Occasion and one thing I need to say is, I have got the best buddies in my network. Though they were busy with their works, they immediately accepted my request and submitted the Guest Posts, which certainly played an important role.

thank You

We received 21 Guest Posts from Various Bloggers, who provided us with the Best Quality. I will take pleasure to Thank All the Bloggers who submitted their Guest Posts for us and Im going to List entire 20 articles in this post. But Dont think, Its over. I will invite 5 Best Bloggers every month for Guest Articles. So Stay Tuned.

#1. Using Tag Clouds May Harm Your Search Rankings – Amit Benerjee

  1. Article by Amit Banerjee from Ampercent. Its one of the most viewed article with best compliments. And I can say that its one of the best article from GadgetCage.
  2. Thanks a lot Amit for such a wonderful article. Personally, I learnt a lot from this article.

#2. 7 Best Sites to Grade your Twitter Profile – Sudharsan

  1. Article by Sudharsan from Technoskill Online. This is the best article for Twitter addicts.
  2. Analyse the power of your twitter Profile with these tools. I would like to thank Sudharsan for sparing his time and submitting the Article.

#3. 16 proven tips to get more facebook fans – Hirfan

  1. Article by Hirfan from The Wah Blogger. This is such a crazies article, which explains the excellent tips for increasing your Facebook Fans.
  2. It received many applauds from various people all over the world. I would like to thank Hirfan for submitting such a powerful article.

#4. Google Chrome Dictionary Extension to Look Up Definitions Instantly – Chethan

  1. Article by Chethan from Chaaps. This is must visit article if you are Chrome user. Its a nice genuine article from Chethan in his Style.
  2. I would like to thank Chethan for submitting such a useful article for our readers. I have been using this trick after reading this article.

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#5. Tutorial : Keyword research analysis for your next blog post – Arun Kumar

  1. Article by Arun from Choosy Info. The must read article, that explains the importance of selecting the correct keywords.
  2. I would like to thank Arun for writing such a dynamic article for our readers. I learnt lot of new things after reading this article.

#6. How to Add Floating Social Bookmarking Icons in Thesis WordPress Theme – Sathish

  1. Article by Sathish from Techie Mania. This article is a tutorial which explains how to Add Floating buttons (Social Bookmaking) for your Thesis theme.
  2. I would like to thank Sathish for writing, sharing and helping others with this article at GadgetCage. Stay focused on Sathish, lots of action coming from him.

#7. Importance Of Related Commenting –  Soumen

  1. Article by Soumen Halder from Ampercent. He explained the importance of Relative commenting on blogs/websites and its benefits.
  2. I have been following these tips over past few days which is giving me the best results ever. I would like to thank Soumen for such an interesting article.

#8. 5 Less Spoken But Must Have WordPress Plugin – Harsh Agarwal

  1. Article by Harsh Agarwal from ShoutmeLoud. He shared his view and importance of the 5  plugins that which plays major role in success of blogs, but were neglected generally.
  2. I have configured all these 5 plugins in my dashboard now. I would like to thank Harsh Agarwal for sparing his valuable time and sharing his views to the readers of GadgetCage.

#9. 3 Questions to ask before deciding on a social media strategy – Aditya Kane

  1. Article by Aditya Kane from Devils Workshop. In this article Aditya concentrated on the points that, people spamming their blog/website links with the alias name as Social Media Strategy. He condemned the strategy of spamming the links by naming it smartly as Sharing is Caring, etc.
  2. I loved the approach and from the time this article is published, I have stopped spamming the links to others. I would like to thank Aditya for such a caring article.

#10. Manage Security and File Permissions in WordPress – Debajyoti Das

  1. Article by Debajyoti Das from Snap How. He gave an excellent tutorial how to manage Security and File Permissions in WordPress.
  2. Its a small package loaded with Atom Bomb. I would like to thank Debajyoti for such a great tutorial.

#11. SEO Friendly Tips to Choose Best URL – Vinay

  1. Article by Vinay from Tech 18. Its one of the best SEO supporting article I ever come across and its one of the most hottest article of all Submissions.
  2. I have started taking care about URL’s because of this article. I would like to thank Vinay for his extreme SEO supporting article for our readers.

#12. 7 Sure-Fire Ways to Skyrocket Your Blog – Onibalusi

  1. Article by Onibalusi from Young Pre Pro. Its one of the most sharpest article and I loved it.
  2. I would like to thank Onibalusi for such a wonderful tips for Co-Bloggers and our readers.

#13. 10 Characteristics Of A Great Blogger – Rahul Banker

  1. Article by Rahul Banker from The Copy Paste Blog. Its the Must read article in order mould yourself as Good Blogger.
  2. I would like to thank Rahul for such a cracking article. I have started practicing to motivate myself as a Good blogger.

#14. 10 Tips to Make Your Blog Hard to Crack! – Pubudu Kodikara

  1. Article by Pubudu Kodikara from Tech Hamlet. Its one of the suggestible article for every blogger in order to protect their blogs from threat.
  2. I would like to thank Pubudu for such an outstanding article. I learnt few new thing in securing my blog from this article.

#15. Blogging Tips For Students – Karthikeyan

  1. Article by Karthikeyan from Digi Secrets. Its one article, that you would love to read. Its loaded with full of interesting facts about how Student should balance studying, time table, blogging, other works etc.
  2. I would like to thank Karthikeyan for writing such a fantabulous article. Its the hottest article for sure at GadgetCage.

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#16. How to Generate Traffic from Reddit – Shashank

  1. Article by Shashank from Fast Gush. This article explains the importance and tips to drive huge traffic from Reddit.
  2. I have again started concentrating on Reddit again after reading this article. I would like to thank Shashank for such a cool article.

#17. Explaining Complicated SEO in simple Terms for Beginners – Jayadrath Singh

  1. Article by Jayadrath Singh from Techno Tips. Its the most reliable article for newbies and I will suggest the new bloggers to read this article and know the importance of SEO which is explained in simple terms.
  2. I would like to thank Jayadrath Singh for giving new Definition for SEO.

#18. 5 Kick-ass Gadgets for Going Green – Aditya

  1. Article by Aditya from Tech Ravings. Its one of the crazies article which gives us the best alternatives for environment polluting Gadgets.
  2. I would like to thank Aditya for Providing such an eco-friendly article and sharing with our readers.

#19. How To Become A Successful Freelancer – Ruchi

  1. Article by Ruchi from Shout MeLoud. Every body need to Learn a lot from this article which gives the basic steps that a new Freelancer needs to follow for his start-ups.
  2. I would like to thank Ruchi for such a helpful article. Its the sky rocket article, guiding newbies to success.

#20. 5 Best WordPress Plugins To Improve The Loading Speed Of a Blog – Simrandeep Singh

  1. Article by Simrandeep Singh from Tricks Daddy. Its the article that which is most useful for those who feels that their WordPress blog is loading slowly.
  2. I would like to thank Simrandeep for such a useful and awesome article. I have downloaded a plugin from the list and now my blog loads in just 3.8 seconds.

Thnx a lot guys

I would love to thank each and every one who played their part in our Celebrations and regarding our Give Away we are going to Announce it on 30rth September.

Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

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    • @Rajan I have closed the Session on Sep 10 bro. So from then articles which we have received will be not counted in that list. We are sorry for inconvenience. We are going to come up with another event, Stay tuned.

  1. Thanks Siddartha once again. It was a great experience for me too. BTW, you spelled my last name as Hadler instead of Halder.

    Anyways nice work.

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