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Ten Reasons why SmartPhones are killing the Gaming consoles

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In this article, we are going to deal with 10 mighty reasons why Smartphones are killing the Gaming Consoles. Gaming consoles are already losing market for new generation phones. Is this the end of machines like PS3 and Xbox 360?

The entry of companies like Apple and Samsung in this area helped the devices receive characteristics of handheld gaming. Manufacturers today are considered as the major responsible for the expansion of this market and are highlighted for creating a new business model.

The introduction of powerful devices with faster chips, systems and application stores, boosted the market for smartphones.

Considering this in mind, we created a list of reasons by which Smartphones and Tablets becomes enemies of Gaming Consoles. We note that this points out the importance of these devices, but does not intend to do any advertising with respect to any specific model.

#1. Carry it in your pocket

The most obvious of reasons he does with that smartphones are great for gaming devices is portability. Of course, these are not the first handheld, however, the novelty is that now the customer is not restricted to products from Sony and Nintendo, and he has large variety of manufacturers to choose from.

smartphones as gaming console

Being able to play anywhere, without having to use another device for this is certainly an excellent reason to show that smartphones can get ahead in the competition of the games. We must also remember that these smartphones are able to perform other functions too, a factor that puts them ahead of PSP and DS.

#2. Uses gravity, touch, and the device itself

Another great feature that ensured the success of the games was the gameplay innovative smartphones. The possibility of turning the device, allowing gravity to assist, using fingers on a touch-sensitive screen, use the microphone and many other resources ensured the success of the games in these gadgets. Meanwhile, in the common consoles player control is limited to a pattern.

Having to use directional buttons and keys a thing of the past. In smartphones, everything is easier. It is possible to point directly to the screen what the character of the game must perform and interact with objects in the game with only move the device.

We must remember that some handhelds, like DS tried to innovate with sensors and different gameplay styles. However, so far none was very successful.

#3. Simply stunning graphics

Not because smartphones are compact devices that implies a low quality graphics in games. This feature may have prevailed in the past, but with the evolution of graphics processing chips for existing smartphones tablets and allow the player to have fun with high quality games.

smartphones killing gaming console

While some titles still remain two-dimensional graphics, and games are known with beautiful appearances, such as Infinity Blade and Samurai II: Vengeance. Others show that the GPUs these gadgets have can work with well-developed three-dimensional appearance, using technologies such as Unreal Engine.

Perhaps the quality is still not the same console, but the trend is to equalize shortly. Also, because the charts of smartphones already exceeded the quality what PlayStation 2 offers and with this sudden development, it is not hard to see ultra-realistic appearances in smartphones.

#4. The games in the clouds

No tapes, cartridges, disks and memory cards. Everything can be downloaded at the time and directly from the Internet. The titles available are endless, and everything the player needs to do is use a Wi-Fi or 3G connection to connect to the app store.


Most games for smartphones have demos. The amount of free games is equally impressive. This ensures that the player has access to many titles; many games still are try before you buy. In addition, the application stores have information, screenshots and other details about the games, allowing consumers to get all the details without it need a lot of research.

#5. More economical, more games

Another great triumph of smartphones is the price of games. Many games are available for only $ 1. This strategy of selling cheap is very simple and is working well. Developers do not profit much with every copy sold, but reached significant figures for the amount they sell.

The player is satisfied with this, for paying such low values ​​is possible to buy many games, which guarantees fun with different titles and longer. There are also offers fast, in which the consumer can buy $ 10 games for only $ 1.

In consoles, the situation is reversed. The developers paid very high values, a factor that encourages some players resort to Piracy.

#6. Countless Titles

It is a fact. Smartphones are devices simpler than the common consoles. However, this is not exactly a disadvantage. Just by having hardware and software available, the number of developers interested in smartphones is great. With this, the number of new games (and software) that comes every week to the app store is amazing (one of the shops and has more than 5,00,000 applications).


The games for the consoles cannot be developed so quickly. Some titles take even a few years until they are ready. This implies very few new games for gaming. Of course, with online networks (PSN and Xbox Live Arcade) the situation is different; however, smartphones have a great advantage in this regard.

#7. Everyone can enjoy – Cross Platform Games

Many games developed for smartphones are not unique to one or other device. This feature ensures that users of iPhone and Android enjoy the same titles. Of course, this is not a general rule, but it is very common to find the same games in different application stores.

As if this were not enough, some games can be downloaded in similar products, ie the same game running on the smartphone operates on the tablet and even necessary to pay just to download them again. Already in the consoles, there is a war for exclusive titles, which prevents players take advantage of the best titles on different consoles.

#8. Play with friends

Although not a unique feature of smartphones, multiplayer games are much easier to be carried out. Considering that players can load the console in your pocket, it is easy to have fun in disputes of the most varied games. Not all games have multiplayer support, but which are compatible, no need to make many configurations.


In video games, multiplayer games are always pleasing to the players. If the game works online, the process is a little simpler, yet there is great instability in the connections.

#9. Interaction with social networks

Another feature that makes the major gaming platforms smartphones is the ability to share results, chat with friends and interact using social networking. And that’s not all, there are games that require the completion of certain activities on the networks, leaving the mission more interesting and easy to be performed.

Analysing this aspect on consoles, we note that there is no connection between games and social networks. Not that this is a negative factor, but considering that everyone is connected to the web, leaving aside for the internet gaming sessions may be silly, because you can even invite friends and share achievements and trophies.

#10. Focus on fun

Finalizing our list, we have the main reason for the success of smartphones and gaming platforms: fun. Many games for mobile OSes are independent developers. Some users claim the quality of the graphics; however, the great difference of these games is just in the innovative proposal.


Titles like “Angry Birds”, “Paper Toss” and “Cut the Rope” prove there is no need to provide a high level challenge for there to be fun. As if this were not enough, the user is faced with many complications to access the games. The devices are always connected, a menu offers all the titles installed and just make a single click to stop the game (which can be continued later.)

Conclusion : The future is mobile

With the constant evolution of smartphones, it should not take long when graphics will be arriving on phones like what we see on consoles. Furthermore, many consumers are opting for tablets and phones, ensuring that the expansion of this market is steady.

Thus, based on our reasoning and basic logic, we must consider that the smartphones are killing the gaming consoles. Perhaps we are wrong and all products remain just competitors in the Market.

Now it’s your time to tell. What do you think about this topic? Post your comment!

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