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Tata Group Heads the Top in Indian Companies for 2009

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USA’s Prestigious “The Reputation Institute” conduted a survey on largest 600 Companies around 25 countries in the world. The survey is based on Esteem, Trust, Admiration and Feeling about a company across seven dimensions of reputation in 32 countries. They hav followed a scale from 0-100 which is a measure of corporate reputation calculated by averaging perceptions of four indicators . Based on this they have awarded the ranks for various Companies.
Considering all these perceptions of the companies they have selected top 200 Most reputed companies in the world.
In this survey, 5 Indian companies have achieved the place in the first 50 in the list of World’s 200 most reputable companies. The 5 companies which were in top 50 list are

  1. Rata Tata’s Tata Group
  2. India’s Largest Bank State Bank of India(SBI)
  3. India’s Second largest Software exporter Infosys
  4. L&T and
  5. Maruti.

17 Indian companies are been listed in the World’s 200 most reputable companies.
It is also bit surprising that Reliance haven’t found place in the top 50 list.


With the score of 80.89 out of 100 The Reputation Institute ranked Tata Group 11th. Tata group was placed above the Global gaints like Google, Microsoft, General electric, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Intel and Unilever.
SBI, India’s largest bank, is ranked 29th with a score of 78.11.
India’s second largest software exporter Infosys is at 39th, with a pulse score of 77.45.
Larsen & Toubro(L&T) comes next at 47th position with a pulse score of 76.58, while India’s largest carmaker Maruti Suzki has been ranked 49th with a pulse score of of 76.26.
Other Indian Companies in the top 200 are:

  • Hindustan Unilever ranked 69 with the score 74.99
  • ITC Ltd ranked 95 with the score 73.50
  • Canara Bank ranked 102 with the score 73.34
  • Hindustan Petroleum ranked 111 with the score 73.08
  • Indian Oil ranked 112 with the score 73.01
  • Wipro ranked 116 with the score 72.77
  • Mahindra & Mahindra ranked 137 with the score 71.61
  • Bharti Airtel ranked 163 with the score 70.32
  • Bank of Baroda ranked 174 with the score 69.81
  • Bharat Petroleum ranked 175 with the score 69.79 and
  • Punjab National Bank ranked 177 with the score 69.67.

Of India’s 27 corporations ranked by the institute, 24 (89 percent) placed above the average. Seventeen of them landed in the top third of the list.
Italy-based chocolate producer Ferrero was ranked as the most reputable company on the planet right now. With its pulse score moving from 83.52 last year up to 85.17, Ferrero came up from fourth place last year to first, more than a full point ahead of second ranked IKEA.
2009 Global Reputation Pulse – Top 25

  1. Ferrero Italy 85.17
  2. IKEA Sweden 83.98
  3. Johnson & Johnson U.S. 83.58
  4. Petrobas Brazil 82.37
  5. Sadia Brazil 82.06
  6. Nintendo Japan 81.63
  7. Christian Dior France 81.378
  8. Kraft Foods U.S. 81.099
  9. Mercadona Spain 80.99
  10. Singapore Airlines Singapore 80.97
  11. Tata India 80.89
  12. UPS U.S. 80.84
  13. General Mills U.S. 80.80
  14. El Corte Ingles Spain 80.80
  15. Matsushita Electric Ind. Japan 80.31
  16. FedEx U.S. 80.30
  17. Grupo Bimbo Mexico 80.22
  18. Honda Motor Japan 79.86
  19. Whirlpool U.S. 79.86
  20. Votorantim Brazil 79.59
  21. Walt Disney Co. U.S. 79.44
  22. China Faw China 79.35
  23. Google U.S. 78.80
  24. China Merhchants Bank China 78.72
  25. Caterpillar U.S. 78.69

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