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Tablet vs Laptop – What’s your choice? [Comparison]

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Tablet PC vs Laptop
Tablet vs Laptop isn’t an easy choice. You need to be clear about your requirement in order to decide between Tablet and Laptops. In this article, we are going to compare Tablet vs Laptop to help you to make a decision. Tablet PCs have brought a whole new dimension to computing and the companies that are manufacturing these tablets are coming up with new technologies that are being incorporated in these devices. At the same time, the laptop computer refuses to fade away and there has also been a lot of advancement in their features as well.

Whenever somebody starts comparing these devices, most of the people aren’t ready to compare one with the other as these both Mobile Computers are having their own benefits and they are having few differences that which we are going to deal in this article. The comparison doesn’t exist only between the Tablet vs Laptop, but also between SmartPhones as well. The SmartPhones which are much portable devices when compared to Laptops and Tablets, which are even capable of calling 😉

But, somehow the recent surveys states that Tablet PCs will need more time to replace Laptops.

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Tablet vs Laptop

Tablet vs Laptop – Comparison

#1. Design

tablet vs laptop - design
When it comes to design comparison of Tablet vs Laptop PCs, the Tablet PCs are portable and less weight. The design of all the laptops is almost the same, that is, they have a clamshell design. There are various colours, back panels and textures that are available, but as I said, the basic design remains the same. Also, the laptops are heavier than tablet PCs. Coming to tablet PCs, you will get them in a variety of shapes and sizes and they are slimmer than the laptops, carrying them around is easy and thus, they are better than laptops in this aspect.

  • Max Screen Size of Laptop is about 20-inch, while the Tablet PCs is at max 14 inch screens. If you are willing to buy a device with bigger screen then Laptop should be your choice, else Tablet PC (If you want a portable device).

#2. Work Mode!

People say, it is regardless how your circumstances are, if you are dedicated towards your work. But, again I prefer doing my work on Laptops instead of Tablet PCs. I might shift to Tablet PCs in mere future, but as of now, I’m loving to do my job on Laptop. Over 80 – 90% of geeks still love to do their work on Laptops ahead of Tablet PCs, because the environment created by the Laptop is far ahead of Tablet PCs which are loaded with tremendous amount of applications that which will deviate us to do our work.

  • If you are serious about your work and you don’t need any sort of interruptions then Laptops are the best choice ahead of tablets.
  • But again, while travelling, if you are having some sort of work to be done, then Tablets are decent choice as most of the Tablets are having sync facility that helps us to access our files from anywhere across the world.

In our comparison of Tablet vs Laptop in work mode element, its completely your choice to choose one that suits your requirements.

Work Mode - Tablet PC vs Laptop Computer

#3. Battery Life and Power Consumption

Are you kidding me? There is no way that a Laptop gets closer to the tablet device in terms of Battery Life. For just a single charge, I can run my Tablet for almost a day, but in case of Laptop it lasts just about 2 – 4 hrs. This is one of the biggest advantages of Tablet PCs while your on business travel. In case of Power Consumption, the Tablet PCs will consume more power than Laptop PCs because of their Touch Screen and display quality.

  • If you are serious about the battery life of your device, I’ll definitely choose Tablet ahead of Laptop PCs, but the power consumption is bit high of Tablets.

In our comparison between Tablet vs Laptop, obviously it’s Tablet PCs that gives us over 16hrs of battery backup while Laptops hardly gives us around 2 – 4 hrs of backup.

#4. Security and Malware Issues

In our comparison of Tablet vs Laptop PCs for Malware and other Security issues the Tablets are claimed to be safest by considering the research. Frankly speaking, Tablets are more secured when compared to Laptop PCs. Because the vulnerabilities of Tablet devices aren’t that high when compared to our Laptops that are loaded with Windows OS. But in case of Laptops that are loaded with Linux or Mac, are considerbly secure and claimed to be free from malware attacks. Tablets are loaded with Operating Systems like iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc., which are yet to be focussed and challeged by the hackers.

But, the major malware problem of these device exists when you perform Jailbreak or Rooting techniques which forces you to install third party applications on your device. In this case Tablets are no where inferior to Laptops.

In case of Theft, we are having some of the decent applications and methods that helps us to find out and track the location of our Tablets or Laptops (I’ll be covering the ways to recover Tablet and Laptops in my coming posts).

  • In case of security it depends on Operating System that we use, it is regardless whether we use Tablets or Laptops. But people will claim that Tablets are the safe and secured devices because over 96% of Tablet devices are loaded with iOS and Android OS which are pretty safe, while over 80% of Laptops are loaded with Windows OS which aren’t considered as safest OS.

Tablet and Laptop

#5. Applications and Gaming

Tablets hold huge benefit on this aspect as these devices are having dedicated stores that helps us to use the authorized applications, while in case of Laptops, we are having third party softwares available for most of the elements. This is one of the major reason for security and malware threats that Laptops are facing these days, due to lack of proper authorization.

In case of laptops there are software for specific purposes and you need to be proficient in the use of the software if you want to make full use of it. Thus, using a laptop can be a tedious job in case you are not really familiar with the software. In the case of applications, their usage is much simpler and there are widgets to support you and you need not have an in-depth knowledge of app. Thus tablet PCs are a better option.

Gaming is yet another aspect, but we’ll definitely enjoy playing games on computers or laptop ahead of Tablets, because of controls, high memory and Graphical support that these devices provides us. In our comparison of Tablet vs Laptop, both the devices are having their individual benefits.

  • Tablets are having millions of authorized applications that helps us to perform our tasks pretty happily without considering the malware threats while we have to re-check the softwares/applications while installing on our Laptops to find out potential threats.
  • Gaming provides exciting experience on both of these devices, but Laptops are having slight edge ahead of Tablets.

Other Major and Minor Comparison between Tablet and Laptops.

  • Compatibility – Most of the Laptop Softwares aren’t compatible to Tablets and vice versa as both these devices are having dedicated softwares to perform tasks.
  • Memory – Laptops are way ahead of Tablets in this aspect. Laptops can support over 1TB of memory storage, while Tablets at max as of my knowledge can store around 128 GB.
  • CDs/DVDs – We don’t really have a slot for CD/DVDs in Tablets, which is considered as yet another element that Laptop holds grip on.
  • USB ports – Most of the Tablets and Laptops are loaded with USB ports, but you can see multiple USB ports that helps us to perform multi-tasks on Laptops.
  • Connectivity – Tablets comes with in-built 3G or 4G connections that helps us to safe some $$, as we need to buy some hardware stuff in order to get internet for our Laptops.
  • Speed – Laptops are considerably quicker than Tablets, because they are loaded with RAM over 2 GB, while Tablets are mostly loaded with 1GB and also the clock speed of Laptops are higher than Tablets.
  • Social Integration – Most important point for Tablets to defend their authority ahead of Laptops. We are having dedicated applications for Tablets to stay Social.
  • Tablets are more suitable for gaming and for some work, while Laptops are more suitable for work and some gaming.
  • Cost – Both the devices depends on their features and extensions that you might be interested. Higher the extensions, higher will be the price.

I came across an awesome pictorial comparison between PC vs Tablet vs Laptop vs E-reader, from abhishekshukla.com. Hope you’ll enjoy it.


If you believe that I’ve missed out to mention something else other than these things in my comparison between Tablet vs Laptop, do mention about it in the comment section below. If you are serious about having a device for business or other professional needs than I’d prefer Laptop ahead of tablet, if you are interested in satisfying your needs for extreme entertainment and minimal professional requirements then Tablet is the best option for you. So, in the comparison between Tablet vs laptop Computer, there is no clear winner as both the devices have their own uses and the choice depends on the user and what suits his needs.

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21 Comments to Tablet vs Laptop – What’s your choice? [Comparison]

  1. I’ll always love laptops some how tablets are always incomplete with one or the other feature. I prefer a better cellphone(smart one :P) thn a tablet as most of the things which a tablet can do can be done on smartphone. what do u think siddharth?

  2. As mentioned in the article it is always about personal preference and sometimes it depends on what type of work you are involved in.

  3. tablet is a toy- yep , it can do a lot of things- and sometimes , its very useful- like checking emails or reading something- but u cant compare tablet to laptop.

  4. I don’t think its necessary to generally compare laptops and tablets, cause all has its own advantages based on the function. We can only compare the use of both of them on a certain situation and/or condition.

  5. LOL! I’m using both …actually….3 things at a time! I have a Blackberry …a laptop …and an iPad around me all the time! Is that what you call addiction? If yes, then I’m addicted lol 🙂

    PS – Check out my giveaway! I’m giving away 5 Blog Engage accounts! Grab your free account now! Cheers

  6. Laptops serve good purpose for the students as they are multitaskers and don’t have to care about portability . So i go with tablet..

  7. Nice post! For me, it still depends in the situation. For example, if you work for more than 12 hours a day then a laptop is best for you.. especially if you are into web design software such as dreamweaver and photoshop. But if you just surf websites, answer e-mails and do chatting or video calls through skype, then a tablet fits you. Its also easy to carry around wherever you go.

  8. Personally, I feel that both are used at different times and for different purposes. 🙂
    I don’t have a tablet so I am quite excited to buy it..
    Tablet is quite handy and you can use it while travelling in bus or car very easily..
    But, tablet can’t compete with laptop..
    Both are necessary and YES !! I want both 🙂

  9. With the continuous changing technological invasions we should adopt ourselves according to the recent changeovers that will be an wise decision.Undoubtedly laptops has an edge over tablets in comparisons to their hardware configuration which has a wide difference but they still rule their entity as per their uses accordingly to their desired environment.

  10. good comparison but you left to mention the keyboard aspects in pc and tablets. Is it possible to have a physical keyboard attached to tablets? but there are no such ms word or powerpoint in tablets is a matter of discuss.

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