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Sony Rolly : The Dancing Mp3 Player

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The Rolly from Sony is all about fun. It is essentially a robotic MP3 playing robot that dances to the music you play. It comes with Rolly Choreographer software to create your own motions and even share them online with others. But if you don’t want to create your own it comes with an Auto and Self Motion modes which will analyse the music and create the type of style dance you request. It also comes with Bluetooth streaming (A2DP), 5 hour battery life, 2GB of storage, high quality speakers with 180 degree baffle effect.

What is Rolly?
Rolly™ is a new dimension in MP3 players that brings you closer to your favourite music. Shake it and twist it to choose your tracks. Watch it respond to the beat with funky moves and crazy light shows. And when darkness falls, be prepared for an even more spectacular performance.




You can charge it fully to enjoy 5 long hours of music. If you wanna move your hips while you listen to music then Rolly can rock you for 4 hours or three and a half hours dancing, music, and Bluetooth use together. It comes with 1GB internal memory and Bluetooth 2.0 to receive music. It supports MP3, ATRAC, AAC formats and is 104×65×65mm, 300g in size.
The product of an unexpectedly successful jam session in early 2006, Head and Neck Sessions produce their unique style of down-tempo electronica on Fender Rhodes, synths, MPC, turntables and live drums. Now just add three Rollys
Rolly™ can analyse all the music it plays and create motion sequences to match, but it’s even more fun to design your own routines for it using our bundled software. You can share the results with your friends online – and download your favourites from our gallery.


So whether you are dancer or an absolute terror at it you can be sure that at least someone has the right moves! Its time to groove to the tunes and make sure you and your friends are enjoying every inch of the entertainment that Rolly is rolling out via the net as Rolly not only dances to music but can also choreograph it, allowing you to share your Rolly moves with friends via the net.

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