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Should You Buy the New Microsoft Surface 3?

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With every passing year, Microsoft does something wonderful and it gets really close to building a device, which can replace your tablet as well as your laptop. It has high focus on ubquitous computing and every passing year is a testimony for that. However, the change has been really gradual and Microsoft has not yet been able to address some of the usability flaws in Microsoft Surface 3 devices.

The only problem with Surface 3 is the keyboard, which gives a subpar typing experience and the trackpad is no good. It is a tough job to determine the real target segment for Surface 3. Furthermore, this keyboard comes optionally at an additional cost of USD 130.

The good part of Surface Pro is its large screen, which makes it easier to be used as a cool tablet. It is thin and light and the aspect ratio makes absolute sense. It would have been great if Microsoft had offered the keyboard free with the device rather than charging an exhorbitant $130 for the same. But normal users can skip buying the keyboard and just do with the device considering it to be just a tablet.

new microsoft surface 3

Earlier this week, there was a moment when it seemed like Microsoft was about to unveil its own laptop in the market. In one of the press conferences, the chief of Surface – Panos Panay reminded the reporters that they had once said that tablets would make complete obsolescence of laptops. But the irony was that all the people in the room were mostly using laptops – ultrabooks, which was evidence that they were not obselete.

So, basically, Surface 3 is a device, which is good for people who want tablet facilities with a big screen and want to often do laptop work on it. It is a 2-in-1 device, which can double as a laptop and tablet. Moreover, the latest OS from Microsoft does a good job with features and usability. People who are not fixated upon iOS or Android can give this device a thought. People who want typing facility can opt for this and get the extra keyboard and use it like a laptop once in a while. It is portable and can be used on the move as well. The form factor is good and the device is definitely worth the shot.

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