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Best Online SEO Analysis and Tracking Tool: SheerSEO Review

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In this post, I’m going to share the best Online SEO analysis and tracking tool that I’ve come across. SEO is one of the most important aspect to survive for the webmasters these days. SEO is the daily process and you need to keep on tracking your SERPs daily and work on them regularly to stay on Top. In order to analyze these SERP rankings which we can’t monitor manually, reflects the fact that we are in need of an efficient tool that which can track our rankings.

There are many white-hat tools as well as manual methods available for us to track and analyze our rankings, but Sheer SEO is one such an effective Online SEO Software that is capable of doing many tasks and it is ultimate time saver for sure.

SheerSEO can perform tasks like

  1. It is an Online Tool, So it works on all Operating Systems.
  2. Checking the Current Search Engine Position of our Keywords.
  3. Page Rank analysis.
  4. The Main Referrer Links for our Home Page (Upto 100, Do Follow and No Follow).
  5. Total Number of Backlinks for your site.
  6. Tracks your Social Networking Trend Details (Twitter and Facebook).
  7. Tracks your Social Bookmarking details from Digg as well.
  8. Keyword Density of your Page.
  9. Number of Indexed Pages on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  10. Supplement Index Ratio for Google.
  11. You can Keep Track of your Backlinks.
  12. You Can submit your blog/website to huge number of Directories Manually.

SheerSEO - Online SEO Tool

Need of SheerSEO for Web-Masters

SEO Softwares are pretty costly and are mostly used by Most of SEO Experts and only the partial amount of Web Masters will be utilizing their services. This reflects the fact that SEO Softwares are used only by Serious Web Masters. But SheerSEO Online SEO Software is the one that can be used by anybody.

These days Google is regularly updating their algorithm and you have to keep track of all your SERPs, else you will be lost somewhere in the space. Thus SheerSEO is one such a Tool that keeps track of your site and it acts like a parent who guides you towards the correct path. It keeps track of all your SEO memories. It even acts like a Teacher who gives the report of your blog/website’s performance elements like Backlinks, Keyword Density, Indexed Pages, Social Bookmarking and Networking tracks and many other reports that which helps to trace your status in this web world.

Totally SheerSEO is definitely a time saver, which brings everything to you without spending hours for tracking. You can also view, SheerSEO Demo here.

SheerSEO Tool

SheerSEO Online SEO Pricing details :

SheerSEO is definitely the software for Serious SEO Professionals rather than, Small and Middle Class Internet Entrepreneurs. But still, they are proving 90 day free trail for this software, making this revolutionary Software available for all class people.

SheerSEO Online SEO Tool is available in many plans like trail, light, Standard, Advanced, Professional thin, Professional, Small Medium and Large Agency level. I would like to suggest the Light, Standard and Advanced versions for Small and Middle Class Entrepreneurs while other Plans suits for Middle and Serious Professionals. You can view the Pricing Plans of SheerSEO Here.

SheerSEO Online SEO Software OverView

SheerSEO is not just a simple tracking and analyzing tool, It’s the Doctor for your blog/website keeps on tracking the functionality and performance of your site. It mainly keeps track of most important aspects of SEO like

  1. Backlinks
  2. Indexed Pages
  3. Social Bookmarking and Networking Track
  4. Competition analysis
  5. Directory Submissions (Easy Way)
and what not it is the watchdog of your site, serves like most obedient worker for you site and you can just blindly rely on this Ultimate Tool without any hesitation and save huge deal of time using SheerSEO Online SEO Software.
The Trail version of this software is available for 90 days and you can enjoy it for free. Register to enjoy 90 day trail.

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