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Best On-Page Optimization Guider for your WordPress Blog: SEOPressor

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seopressor - wordpress seo plugin
In this article, we are going to deal with SEOPressor which is one of the Best WordPress On-Page Optimization SEO Plugin that guides you to maintain the balance of crucial On-page elements of SEO like keyword density, internal linking, header tags, alt tags, and also few automated tasks like bold, italic or underlining the keywords etc., can be done which help the Search Engines to index our blog/article with prior to the keywords while crawling.

This is one such the essential plugins that you must have in your WordPress dashboard. I’ve been using this plugin over past 5 days, and I can tell you I’ve been using this plugin like anything. I’ve re-edited most of my posts which were not update good on-page standards and I believe this is one such an awesome SEO Plugin that saves your valuable time with quick analysis report of On-Page performance your post on Scale 100.

How SEOPressor Plugin works

After Installing the SEOPressor Plugin in your dashboard, the initial things you need to consider are

  • Enable the required check-lists in the SEOPressor settings.
  • After filling the required fields, the SEOPressor is ready to use.
  • I’ll Explain you with the help of an Image.

SEO Processor - WordPress SEO Plugin

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  • This is the First view of SEO Pressor Plugin in your Post Page. Here you need to focus on 2 columns in-order to make use of this awesome plugin.
  • SEOPressor Keyword Column : Where you need to enter the keyword which you want to focus in your post.
  • SEOPressor Report : Considering the keyword which you’ve entered in the above column, this SEOPressor makes a report card, that helps you to enhance your On-Page SEO of your post.
  • SEOPressor will measure your article’s onpage report based on Scale 100 considering the elements like Heading Tags, Bold, Italic and underlining your keywords, using of Alt Tag for Images, WordCount, Internet Links as well

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Importance of Having SEOPressor Plugin in your Dashboard & Who Should Use it?

  1. The Major Fact about On-Page SEO is, you can rank very easily for the less competition keywords. I firmly believe SEOPressor is one such a plugin that guides to rank even higher for these keywords. SEOPressor must be used by Pro’s to save time.
  2. If you are a new-bie, then this is one such a plugin that you must have in your dashboard. It will guide you in such a way that you can rank really high without having prior SEO Knowledge. SEOPressor must be used by Beginners as well as Amateur to help them as a best route map for On-Page optimization.
  3. On-Page SEO is most important aspect of SEO, and perfect optimization results in more than 50% of SEO work done for you. This is the major reason, that you should have this plugin with you. So, SEOPressor is one such a plugin that suits everybody.

You can blindly follow SEOPressor that which gives you the score card before search engines. It’s something like having question paper in hands few days before examination or its something like your teacher asking you to correct your answer sheet. Imagine power is now in our Hands 😉

SEOPressor Plugin

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Final Words about SEOPressor WordPress Plugin

  •  It analyses and helps you to fulfill all the onpage elements in your post like Analyzing Keyword in your Title, usage of H1, H2, H3 tags, Keyword Density as well as word count of your post, analyses your keyword placements, Analyses alt tags in images and also suggests you to place internet linkings, Does keyword decoration elements like bolding, italizing, Underlining, Supports and helps us to follow best On-Page techniques by Google’s Algorithm as base, Evaluates and gives you the Score card of your On-Page Optimization for your post, Helps you to create content in the way that Search Engines easily understands and Loves to.
  • If you rank above 85% for the SEOPressor Score Card, you have done every on-page element perfectly and your post is going to be on Top Page of Search Engines (in case of lower competition keywords, else you need to do little work).

SEOPressor is available in 2 options. 

  1. Single License (Limited to Single Site) – $47 (Buy Now)
  2. Multiple License (Limited to Multiple Sites) – $97 (Buy Now)

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