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5 Essential SEO Off-Page Optimization Tips – Part II

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SEO Importance
There are two types of search engine optimization, Off page optimization and on page search engine optimization as we all know.

I have given few points in my first series article further more here is the next set of Off page SEO tips which can be of great use for you. Before reading this Part-II OffPage Optimization tips, just read first Part of OffPage Optimization.

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5 Best OffPage Optimization Tips for Stunning SEO results

#1. Social Media

  1. There are a number of social networking sites, where you can let your friends, friends of friends, and their friends and so on to know about you and your website and is the best way to promote your website as well.
  2. Provide more information about the URL address of your website, the niche in which your website predominates, and you can start fan pages in FB which you can promote and get to more fans, friends and followers.
  3. These sites are portals to meet like-minded people and grow further more.
Social Media icons

Offpage SEO - Social Media

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#2. Forum Posting

  1. This is one of the important off page SEO factors influencing the efficacy of the search engine optimization for they have simple and easy guidelines.
  2. When you are participating in the forum discussions, you will find hyper-linked signature being permitted by the webmaster of your forum, which will enhance the number of other visitors participating in the discussion to visit your related posts that which you can use to make your point stand out.
  3. This will also indirectly build links for the keywords you target via your signature.
Offpage Optimization - forum-posting

Offpage Optimization - forum-posting

#3. Article Marketing

  1. This is a great way to tell about your product and services and when you talk about your expertise area then the article is going to be fascinatingly interesting to read.
  2. Place a link or two to your website as links so that you get the SEO juice for which we all are working hard.
  3. When you are writing articles for others i.e. Guest Posting, see that you leave a line or two about you and your website as a gesture of courtesy which is actually an opportunity to make your website SEO friendly with building links.
 OffPage Optimization - Article Marketing Strategy

OffPage Optimization - Article Marketing Strategy

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#4. Link Exchanges

  1. Though this method is not officially allowed by Google, I still recommend this method as one of the best ways to optimize your site. Try to find sites related to your niche and exchange a link with them.
  2. It is always good to do a 3-way exchange rather than a 2- way exchange i.e. A linking to C, C linking to B and B linking to A.
  3. Make sure you do not buy links as that is strictly against Google TOS and also not worth doing it, it is not worth the money.
OffPage Optimization - link-exchange

OffPage Optimization - link-exchange

#5. Press Release

  1. This is one of the most important off page SEO factors and is often not known to many.
  2. These press releases target specific audiences and are sources of official informations about your products and services, especially when this comes to technological sector they play a vital role in offering off page search engine optimization.
  3. So the best thing to release your new products and services is to write a press release about the product and the information are highly authenticated and is from the horse’s mouth so there is no second question on this being a valid and true information or not.
  4. While when you get someone to write a professional press release, you will be bringing more traffic to your website and also the links from such high PR sites is always helpful.

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Hope you enjoyed reading both the series of posts on OffPage Optimization.

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  1. Indeed these are all great things to do to get more traffic to your blog. I have recently started my blog and have learnt a lot over the last couple of months. There is so much more to learn still. Thanks for the info.

  2. You have pretty much listed the top ways of doing off-page optimization. I think an important aspect is to somehow unify your online experience. Your entire online presence should always lead to your website (whether you are on a blog, on social media, on a forum), etc.

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