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Samsung Series 9 15.6-inch Ultrabook [Specs and Features]

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Samsung Series 9 15.6-inch Ultrabook
Samsung is definitely a name to follow on today’s market and its products are warmly received every time by consumers and fans all over the world. The company’s Galaxy tablets and smartphones are probably the most popular in the world right now, so the company’s desire to venture into the ultrabook market is not a surprise for anyone.

Samsung brought to the CES 2012 a lot of new products to be released this year and if you happened to be at the show you may have noticed the new Samsung Series 9 ultrabooks.

The Samsung Series 9 15.6-inch ultrabook is a perfect combination of high performance and enhanced portability, featuring an attractive and slightly different design than what we usually expect from an ultrabook. Ultrabooks were inspired by the MacBook Pro, so many companies today choose an aluminum brushed design for their products. Samsung has tried something a bit different and this one looks like many Samsung laptops released in 2012, however there’s a noticeable difference in thickness and weight in comparison to other devices from the company.

This new Samsung 9 Series model is an updated version of the previously released model and its performance is even better than Series 5 model and you will be able to find a unibody construction with high resistance to scratches and fingerprints and even more power inside, thanks to the hardware upgrades.


The model in the picture above is the 15.6-inch version coming as part of the Samsung Series 9 line, featuring a slim housing and Samsung’s own LCD panel featuring SuperBright Plus technology and a high 1600 x 900 pixels resolution, which will bring a bit more detail in comparison to the 1366 x 768 standard resolution for models of this size.

We’ve seen in previous models how Samsung loves to pack a lot of power with their machines and you’ll be able to find once again the same selection of Intel’s Sandy Bridge Core i5 and i7 ULV processors, however the new standard is the 8GB of RAM available with the 15-inch version. Given the larger size of the Series 9 15.6-inch ultrabook, there’s a slightly larger battery coming with this one, ensuring up to 10 hours in a single charge. That’s pretty high for any ultrabook currently on the market right now.

Connectivity-wise, you’ll be able to find pretty much the same options as in the smaller yet equally powerful 13 and 14-inch ultrabooks. There’s Bluetooth and WiFi for wireless connectivity with other devices you currently own, a HDMI output, DisplayPort, and a 3.5mm audio jack. That’s about it for connectivity and most ultrabooks suffer because they are so thin there’s not enough space to add too many ports.

Samsung Series 9 15.6-inch Ultrabook

Image Credit – TheVerge

A closer look at the Samsung Series 9 15.6-inch ultrabook reveals its potential to become a full-fledged portable workstation while you’re on the road. It brings everything you’d ever need for you to complete your daily tasks while travelling: a long battery life, a lot of power under the hood, which will enable you to use it for more tedious tasks and a huge display running at a high resolution.

Ultrabooks are definitely the future workstations of choice due to enhanced portability and it won’t be long now until we see even more power and most likely gaming ultrabooks are on their way as well.

Guest Post by Marty who is a part-time blogger, loves writing about gadgets and technology on his blog – New Gadgetz.

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