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Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs iPad 2 : Galaxy Tab all the way

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apple vs samsung

This article deals with an exciting discussion between Best Tablets around us and the Ultimate war between Galaxy Tab vs iPad. In this article we are dealing with the best and extreme research oriented comparison between Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad. Samsung Galaxy tab 10.1 is considered as the best iPad alternative tablet by few Tech freaks before its launch, but the amazing performance of Galaxy Tab 10.1 made them accept the fact that Galaxy tab is the ultimate tab that is loaded with almost everything in it. Galaxy tab 10.1 is same as Galaxy Tab 750. In USA, Samsung launched it as Galaxy Tab 10.1. While they named it as Galaxy Tab 750 in India. The Features of Galaxy Tab 750 are subjected to change when introduced in India.

So, Let us jump into the actual comparison between 2 Tabs – Galaxy Tab vs iPad.

Comparison between Galaxy Tab vs iPad

#1. Design and Structure War between Galaxy Tab vs iPad

The launch of Samsung’s original 7 inch Galaxy Tab last year came out as a surprise to Apple iPad 1   and also marked the beginning of a long war against Steve Job’s innovating devices. So, with the release of the iPad 2 in First Quarter of this year, people expected the new Galaxy 10.1 inch tab to hold a strong hand in the tablet market when it arrived in June.

Samsung is looking at competing directly with the iPad, using identical pricing strategies and even releasing a smaller 8.9 inch version later in the summer that will undercut the iPad 2 – a sign of intent?

Size wise the 10.1 inch Samsung is very compact, even relative to the new thinner iPad 2, its only 8.6mm thick, 0.2mm slimmer than the already slim Apple slate. It also weighs in lighter at 565g to the iPad 2’s 607g, making it a little lighter even though it is notably taller than the Apple Ipad 2.

The Samsung also has a larger screen, with a 10.1 inch 16:10 version displaying LCD images on a 1200×800 resolution. The Apple iPad 2 has a 9.7 inch screen that uses a LED-backlit IPS LCD screen. Both offer sparkling display that really impresses and could not be faulted, though the Galaxy’s is a tad clearer, mainly due to its higher pixel count.

So, In design and structure war between Galaxy tab vs iPad “according to me Galaxy tab is the best tablet PC, while the interface of Apple is still having the upper hand”.

Buy Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1


Samsung Galaxt Tab vs iPad 2 from Apple

#2. Analyzing Features between Galaxy Tab vs iPad

So what gives these slates the power to run these amazing pictures? Well, in Apple’s case its the new Dual Core 1GHz Apple A5 processor, which has twice the power of its predecessor, amazing when opening up apps that are heavier on performance. The Samsung also uses dual-core 1GHz processor (Cortex-A9 processor, ULP GeForce GPU, Tegra 2 T20 chipset), with Apple openly admitting and acknowledged that Samsung makes the chips for its previous iPad, Samsung may have a trick or two up their sleeve in this department so come June.

The Apple machine runs iOS4.3 whereas the Samsung runs the new version of Android 3.1, also referred to as Honeycomb. Although android 3.1 is excellent for multitasking, critics have pointed out it’s not as intuitive as the iOS4.3 interface that the iPad 2 uses. But Honeycomb also allows for Adobe Flash and unfortunately the Apple doesn’t which will cause irks in many gadget geeks.

#3. Memory and Battery Life between Galaxy Tab vs iPad

Memory wise the Apple iPad comes in 16/32/64 GB versions and the Galaxy also comes in 16/32/64 GB offerings with 1 GB RAM. However Galaxy Tab can be upgraded by micro SD by up to 32GB which offers certain flexibility something that the Apple iPad 2 doesn’t have.

Battery life in the new Galaxy is awesome whose Video Playback capacity is upto 9hrs while Audio is over 70 hrs., although the Honeycomb operating system is said to prolong life and we know the Motorola Xoom which runs the same system has around 10 hours which is a similar time to the new iPad, so we can only make assumptions it will be similar at this stage.

galaxy tab vs ipad

Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad 2 from Apple

#4. Camera and Connectivity Fight Between Galaxy Tab vs iPad

However, we do know that the new Galaxy will have a 3MP rear facing camera and a 2MP front-facing camera – currently leaving it as king of the cameras. It’s suspected such specifications will include 720p capture for the Samsung slate. Apple has included a front facing VGA with its new iPad version and a rear camera that captures 720p. The Samsung is a clear winner here.

Connectivity wise neither machine is amazing; the Apple has the usual lack of USB ports that have hindered its predecessor and the Galaxy is not set to have a HDMI cable leading one to question how such decisions are made in this day and age.

Conclusion of War Between Galaxy Tab vs iPad

  1. Overall the Samsung Galaxy looks like it could be a very strong contender to the king of the tablets.
  2. It’s original was a threat but this one looks like it could possibly go the whole way and with Samsung looking to compete directly on price with the iPad they may feel exactly the same way.
  3. Galaxy Tab is one of the best Wizard with almost everything loaded in it. I don’t hesitate to say that Galaxy tab is the best tablet when compared to Apple iPad.

The Ultimate War between Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad

Galaxy tab 750 vs iPad 2

Galaxy Tab vs iPad 2

Samsung Galaxy Tab Official Demo

Thus these are the elements that are compared between Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab Rocks all the way and stayed ahead of Apple iPad 2 in almost all the terms.

This is it, and I hope you enjoyed reading comparison between Galaxy tab vs iPad as well as the features of Galaxy tab.

Siddartha is a Blogger from India. He is currently working as a Java Front End developer and he loves writing about tutorials, technology, algorithm, etc. You can follow him on Twitter | Facebook | Google+. You can subscribe to GadgetCage RSS Feed or Email Notifications.

52 Comments to Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 vs iPad 2 : Galaxy Tab all the way

  1. Android will take over the same way Micro soft did to Mac in 1984 because of the open source and more than 100 devices.

    • Nia Android always having a diversified benefit as other Mobile Manufacturers are willing to use it!
      Google always staying on safer side, but Samsung is doing a great job to compete with Apple!

  2. I suggest Apple iPad2 since all the spoils should go to its creator ( remember this iPad is creative thinking of Steve Jobs )

    • Krishna yea, true iPad is a creative innovation of Steve, but Galaxy tab is a creative re-innovation from Samsung + Google.

  3. Well, obviously samsung does better than apple. I already tried the gt7, and it was amazing. its compatibility to other apps were obviously far away from ipad. Ipad is only a lifestyle & like a fashion or a toy, while gt is helping me at work. Thanks for the information, it convinces me more to buy gt10 rather than ipad2.

  4. bertybassett

    Its all about the apps. What use is a car that runs on bio-diesel if you don’t have a bio-diesel filling station near.

    The ipad has way better apps and more of them, so it is king of the tablets for the next 2 years until Android catches up. Just like the android phones had to do when they came out.

    • I accept the fact regarding apps, but apple is having around 5 million apps, while Android is having around 3 million apps, which is not the considerable margin though!

    • Hi Siddartha.. Great post.

      @bertybassett yes ipad has way better apps and all but i dont think samsung and other tab creators need 2 years to override those features . i do belv android will be a big hit for apple.

  5. I don’t understand in this current technology world, how Ipad can left with USB and Bluetooth connectivity, on that a VGA camera for front camera. Apple need to change their thinking. Their product is so good,but still people are afraid to buy. On other hand Samsung is really doing good.

  6. The iPad 2 will easily sell better (the first iPad has 75% tablet marketshare). But that does not mean it is better. I have not taken the leap and “purchased” a tablet and not sure that to go for. Might have to wait for the Playbook and see what that will offer.

  7. Hi Siddartha,
    The article inspired me a lot, undoubtedly both the tabs are excellent. But to some extent samsung has a edge forward than apple ipad2. Apple is simply a brand name but samsung is already looking for a good place in market. In this article itself we can see that what samsung is dealing against apple. The screen, the camera, and the processor are better in comparison with ipad2. Thanks for giving such a nice details of both the tabs.

    • Glad you liked the article, but yea I accept the fact that Samsung is edge forward than apple, but dont forget Apple iPad 3 is about to launch this November. Eagerly waiting for it 🙂

  8. I don’t know who will win, but for sure both are best when it comes with the implementation in technology. They are very opposed on everything, but both sees on internet very great. Thanks for the info

  9. It is a close call when you look at these to back to back. I had a android phone before and did not like the system, but we will just have to see if they can do better with this!

  10. It’s gonna be close to which ones actually better, but I think the apple ipad will sell more because they have a better reputation.

      • Tech Crates, yea Obviously Android Mobiles are having more benefits than Apple, because of jailbreaking and other limitations which is making the freaks to switch to Best Alternative Source like Android Mobiles!

  11. I dont know what to think, the samsung is better, the apple has his own big brand name and publicity…Who knows wich can win. We shall see it!

  12. I ll go with the Ipad2 , since Mac Os UI is really awesome , it has loads of quality of games, apps which makes the ipad more life :). The batter life is still more awesome…

  13. Hey!
    Great comparison! Only in terms of the apps, is the iPad 2 superior. Other than that, the Galaxy Tab beats it in every way..

    • Yash, humm I don’t think so about it mate. iPad is compatible of around 5 million apps, while Galaxy tab is compatible of 2.5 million apps which is more than enough 🙂

  14. Indeed interesting Sid..You’ve covered exciting deal of information. I’ve simply loved the way you’ve explored the article.

    Thanks a lot for awesome comparison!

  15. Hey, great article. I didnt knew iPad has such a low mp camera. Galaxy tab has higher specification than iPad but than also I consider it prior to galaxy tab. iPad is unique one of its kind. Where as there are several android tab are available in the market.

    • I don’t think so yash, The Touchwiz Feature is one of the best thing that you’d ever find with everything loaded with Galaxy making in No.1 among the Android Tabs 🙂

  16. Well, I bought an IPAD 2, Build quality of Apple is legendary. Response to touch is amazing. The Samsung TAB i evaluated had trouble doing stuff with pictures. Apple is pricier but its peace of mind. I am sure that once its on the PAD it wont fail. Practically what matters to a user is how user friendly it is. When i say USER FRIENDLY, many aspects come into play… Samsung is a good product, but to base it entirely on a competetive scale is unfair. Each has its merits and ease of use.

  17. steve jobs got the idea for the ipad from the blade runner movie. theres a scene it it that clear shows some one using a tablet that resembles the first tablet the ipad. so really steve job didnt really create the idea

  18. Number of features or better configuration(or even money) is not the way to compare which is best tablet I think! Especially not when you are comparing something with APPL product. Apple is all about details and finesse of each and every small details, they don’t push any feature until its amazing to use!
    No touch screen is comparable to apple’s!
    I have been using android for a year and i bought iPod touch a month ago. Now the only use I have of Android mobile is calling features(which sucks in android) and it acts as a portable wifi for my iPod.
    Thanks for writing all this though!

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