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Safeguard your Hardware using USB Protector

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Virus!! Virus!! Virus!!

The most common problem that we are facing today with our Windows based systems.

Despite of the virus attacks from cyberzone, we are facing threats from local hardware like USB, Pen drives and so onn..

We have been concentrating on eliminating the viruses that entered because of those infected hardware devices Say for example USB.

So what we have to do in-order to eliminate the virus attacking our System?
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We have to buy any good antivirus software available from markets and we have to update it regularly and we have to scan and maintain it from time to time. It’s a really a headache for us to maintain this stuff.

Is there any alternative solution for this problem??

One thing we could actually do apart from the antivirus software is .

What if we make changes to the USB itself??

It’s the right time to safeguard your hardware devices in a effective way. And one of the great solutions was put by a Chinese designer “Wu Jiang” who developed a design that which scans the flash drives to ensure that there is no virus before you connect them to the computers.

The name of his Project is “U+USB Hub and Disk scanner“, and it will work in as an association with the popular virus protecting softwares to ensure that the virus infection doesn’t spread.

Before Cleaning

The background of this concept is to collaborate  hardware changes with software to ensure maximum protection for the local hardware.
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But at present its still just a simple thought and we have to wait for while to see the creative gadget in the market.


6 Comments to Safeguard your Hardware using USB Protector

    • Siddartha

      Hi Anish, Its not yet introduced into the market yet. Its still under the process. It is expected to release by 2011

  1. That is a good concept but if we are to install this device on our computers, how will it isolate the connected USB from the computer? Right now, good antivirus software does a very good job of protecting the computer from USB viruses.

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