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Sell Your Old Mobile Phones for Cash by Recycling them

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Mobile Recycle
Technology is creeping high and high with the sky as limit with jaw dropping rate over past decade, at the same rate this is leading to environmental pollution. The usage of Plastic is considered to be the most serious problem for this. Because of this Pollution the Life Span of Humans is drastically falling down, and are also suffering with various health problems etc., and we are disturbing the ecological balance of earth which is leading to natural disasters taking away lives of Humans as well as innocent Animals.

So, why are we still ignoring the fact that we are responsible for all the effects that are currently happening on earth. Can’t we Humans take responsibility and act smarter by just showing some kind of minimum responsibility by recycling our Mobile phones?

Mobile Phones were playing a great role in our day  to day life and over 50% of our works get done because of these Mobile Phones. But, as thousands of Models were arriving into Market people are getting crazy with all the Technology features and are throwing away their old dumb mobile phones and replacing them with Brand new Mobile Phones. It is estimated that over 85% of Mobile users were are not recycling their Old Mobiles and just simply discarding them by exposing to environment which is going to cause ultimate Disasters.

Now, Sell My Mobile is an Organization that has been working on the genuine cause to protect the earth by recycling our Old and Dumb useless mobiles and also they are paying us for selling mobile phones for recycling. It’s an ultimate mobile recycling price comparison site.


Are you are going to buy an new Mobile and want to thorw away your Old Mobile, So instead of throwing if you recycle or sell that Old Mobile Phone then you can also bag some valuable amount. Then Sell My Mobile is one of the suggested sites that which is offering you to sell or recycle your Mobile and make money. Its really an appreciable step from them by concerning the aspects that which are going to reduce the pollution on earth.

Sell My Mobile is a Mobile recycling Organization that pays the customers for selling their unwanted and old mobiles for recycling. It is a great way to make money from some useless, unwanted trashed stuff. Everytime you buy a new mobile, why to place your Old Mobiles in your desks and drawers, as you are going to make great deal of cash for your mobile phones by recycling them.

Its yet another Mobile Recycling Company from United Kingdom which is considered as one of the Best Mobile recycling Organization, that is playing its part to wake up people and make them aware of enviromental pollution that is caused from these discarded old phones which will slowly release toxins into environment as they deteriorate.

By recycling our Old Mobile phones we can save environment as these Mobiles are going to be refurbished and shipped to third world countries which gives them new life and also it will minimize the need to manufacture too many mobile phones. You can sell your mobiles phones for recycling by comparing prices. Some of the best service providers like Mazuma Mobile, Cash for Mobile, etc., which provides the best recycling price for your old mobiles.

Now, Are you having Old Mobile Phones at your Home and are you Ready to Recycle them. These are the Simple steps that you need to follow in order to Recycle them and also bag some cash for your mobile phones. Sell My Mobile provides great scope for you to sell your mobiles for recycling and it provides best possible price details offered by various recycling sites across the world.

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16 Comments to Sell Your Old Mobile Phones for Cash by Recycling them

  1. have to sell my old mobile and want to buy galaxy note . Thanks for the site i will check it and hope i will get good amount for my old phone 🙂

  2. Very nice to see what the sell my mobile website is doing for the environment as well as giving us a way to safely dispose of our old phones for a good price too. E-waste is definitely a huge concern for our environment in our gadget driven world.


    • Absolutely! they are even paying people for recycling their mobiles. I even wonder what might be their source of income, but still it is a greatest possible step.

  3. I have looked into these programs and found that for me it is best for me to donate them to causes such as battered women or families that can’t afford one. Recycling them is usually easy and able to be done at grocery stores or the actual mobile phone stores.

  4. Hello Siddartha,
    Thanks for nice posting.I have a cell phone that i need to replace it.But i have no knowledge ,how to replace it before read your topic.Now i am fully learn the replacing procedure.Your topic is really help me very much.

  5. One of the great concern is to protect environment, nice step taken by this company to protect environment. Most of the countries facing this problem, we have to support this mission.
    Thanks for great initiative!!!

  6. Nokia company starts this recycling process.In the metropolitans city we can see nokia mobile recycle box in which the mobile are dropped by the people.

  7. Well, You’ve given a very good info buddy.. GO GREEN! Never knew that there’s something that could be done with broken phones.. BTW they pay! Positive rate is high.. If my phone gets damaged.. I’ll surely recycle it there.. You deserve a thanks for providing the info dude!

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