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6 Reasons: Why Kindle Fire is better than Apple iPad 2

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kindle fire is better than apple ipad 2
Most of you might not accept with the fact that Kindle Fire is better than Apple iPad 2. Yes, in deed you are right! as Apple iPad 2’s features and technology are way ahead of Kindle Fire. You can read our article on Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 [Comparison]. There are some aspects that Kindle Fire have dominated Apple iPad 2 and these 6 reasons played major role in helping Kindle Fire to stay ahead in the race with over 4 million units sold in December 2011.

Still most of the people consider Samsung Galaxy Tabs as iPad Killer and even Apple is busy in resisting themselves with the competition from Samsung. But surprisingly, Amazon Kindle Fire kicked into the race and occupied great rate of share in the Tablet Market. Though, it is not having technically awesome features, but still the Cheaper Price, Android OS and Amazon cloud feature played a huge role in uplift of its sales.

6 Reasons why Kindle Fire is better than Apple iPad 2

#Reason 1. Flash

Most of the Apple Competitors use this feature as their major weapon while competing. Apple have been neglecting Flash over period of time and they have to seriously look into introducing Flash into their products. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, announced that Kindle Fire supports Flash. You can enjoy flash games or browsing various sites running on flash using your Kindle Fire but not on Apple iPad 2.

Amazon CEO

#Reason 2. Portable Size and High Quality Display

Kindle Fire comes with a reasonable display of 7-inch and 1024 x 600 screen resolution. Apple iPad 2 comes with wide display of 10 inch and 1024 x 768 resolution. Kindle Fire has high pixel density rate than Apple iPad 2 by 28% as Apple iPad’s resolution is almost same to Kindle Fire with much wider screen. So the pixel density is bit better for Kindle Fire than iPad 2. The Portable size of Kindle Fire helps you to carry it anywhere pretty easily.


#Reason 3. Price

This is one of the major reason, that force people to opt Kindle Fire over Apple iPad 2. Kindle fire just costs you $199 whereas the cheapest unit of Apple iPad 2 costs you $499 which is $300 greater than Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire worth every penny you invested on it. It is really smooth, fast and loaded with Android OS as well as the feature of Amazon cloud make it one of the best choice.

#Reason 4. Amazon Library and Free Prime Video Service

You can enjoy whole lots of ebooks, music and many more facilities from Amazon Library and also if you are Amazon’s Prime customer, you’ll get free Prime Movies as well as the Videos to enjoy. You may not experience all these features on iPad, but Kindle Fire provides you the ultimate source of knowledge and entertainment.


#Reason 5. Faster Web Loading

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezon claimed that Amazon introduced their Silk web browser which is going to be one of the “fastest mobile browser” in the world. With Wi-Fi connectivity, you can expect Kindle Fire to load webpages much faster than iPad 2.


#6. Reason 6. USB Drive Support and Doc Viewer 

Kindle Fire supports USB  drive mode, as you can use USB data cable connecting both Kindle Fire and PC which allows you to share the documents between them, while Apple iPad 2 is having some hacks to do this. The Document viewer in Kindle Fire reflects our PC-Document viewer experience, as these file formats ranges from Word Docs, PDF, Power Points as well, you are having some special apps to do this in your iPad, but again no straight compatibility makes it stand behind the race.

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8 Comments to 6 Reasons: Why Kindle Fire is better than Apple iPad 2

  1. what would really convince me to buy the Kindle Fire over the Apple iPad 2 is simply its price. Kindle Fire offers just about the same if not all capabilities of the Apple iPad 2. besides, almost everybody is already going gaga over whatever Apple is offering, just because. 🙂

    but really, i find the Kindle Fire as enticing as the Apple product and for a relatively lower price. cool!

  2. The USB and file format issues with iPad 2 make me lean in favor of the Kindle for now. I don’t understand why Apple couldn’t incorporate USB drive support in the iPad 2.


  3. No way dude. I played with the Kindle Fire for about an hour and found it incredibly difficult to use. It’s small, feels like an ereader/large smart phone. I just couldn’t think as to why I would use that instead of my HTC evo phone. When the phone is to small, the Ipad is just large enough. I agree though that it is way cheaper…but I guess you get what you pay for.

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