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7 Major Reasons Why Apple and Steve Jobs always ignored Flash

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There are many reasons why Apple and Steve Jobs always used to ignore Flash on their devices, and it is one of the mighty doubt that arises in the world of technology. Most of the well performing devices in the market are still using Flash and few of the companies like Samsung use this reason for their benefit. They always used to claim that their devices support flash which Apple devices doesn’t and at some point of time it looked as if most of the Android Devices are taking advantage of Flash to compete with Apple despite of the fact that there isn’t much importance for Flash currently.

If you are interested in knowing the reason behind their ignorance, you need to ponder through few elements behind it. The first question might be – will flash use much of its Processing Usage? Proprietary issue? Reducing Battery Performance? or any other issues? Well, Adobe is trying to convince Apple on this aspect, as they tried to bring down many changes and updates for their software, in order to make sure that Flash runs smoothly on iDevices. Steve Jobs himself accepted the fact that, more than Half of Mac users tend to buy Adobe Creative suites, but again why don’t they allow Flash on iDevices.

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Major Reasons Why Apple and Steve Jobs always ignored Flash

#1. Flash is having Security Concerns

In the year 2009, Symantec Inc. released a note of some of the Technologies with worst security and Flash holds the place in that list which is one of the reasons why Apple and Steve Jobs ignored it on iDevices.

Steve Jobs also claimed that Flash is one of the primary reasons for Mac crashing and they’d like to provide the smooth processing on their iDevices without any hiccups considering their previous experience with Flash on their Mac PCs.

#2. Proprietary Issues

Adobe holds 100% proprietary on their products, as their decision is going to be the final especially on their targets, enhancements, price or any other important things. If Apple allows Flash to its iDevices, they may have to restrict their decisions to a certain extent.

Excluding the Flash, Apple has managed to adopt some of the major technologies like HTML5, CSS as well as JS which are open standards and are controlled by the Committee standards. Not to forget Apple is one of the major member in the HTML5 standards committee.

#3. Apple Claimed Flash is designed only for PCs with mouse, but not for Touchscreen Technology

Flash is specially designed for Computers with mouse, but not for Touchscreen technology. Apple’s revolutionary Touchscreen technology uses fingers but not mouse. If they’ve adopted Flash onto their iDevices, most of the Flash Websites existing currently are to be re-written in order to accustom to the latest touch technology.

Instead of re-writing Flash and making it compatible with Touchscreen technology, it would be better idea to use latest technologies like HTML5 or CSS or JS. Not to forget, the percentage of Flash using websites has fallen considerably over past years and webmasters are currently giving preference to HTML5 over Flash.

#4.  Maximizing the Utility of Web

Adobe claimed that, Apple’s iDevices are missing the greatest possibility of utilizing web to a maximum extent by neglecting Flash. Steve Jobs answered this question in a flash.

He explained that almost the maximum extent of videos existing on the Web are also available in modern format H.264 and iDevices like iPhone, iPad, iPod supports H.264 format allowing us with the greatest possible scope to view videos comfortably. On the point, iPad is proved as one of the best source to view videos online.

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#5. iStore is having over 1 million games. What is the need of old dumb Flash games

Adobe claimed that iDevices users are missing a great chance to play Flash games. Well, Apple answered them strongly that their iStore is loaded with over 1 million games and most of them are available for free.

So, there is not much to expect or to imagine that users will play Flash games leaving over 1 million latest and exciting games which sounds truly optimistic. Apple also added that none of the platform in the world holds as many games as iStore is having currently.

#6. Adobe Flash haven’t performed well on Mobile Devices yet!

There are repeated reports that Adobe Flash have failed to accomplish their promises to improve their product’s performance on Mobile Devices. So, instead of waiting for them to come-up with some sort of enhancements, Apple cannot hold their products considering the current Market trend and high competition from Android as well as Windows Phone 7.

So, they’ve moved with HTML5 technology by ignoring Flash, considering the fact that HTML5 is going to almost everything that which Flash does today.

#7. Battery Life

The Battery Life is yet another major concern why Apple always neglected using Flash on their iDevices. If they allow flash on to their devices, the processor and hardware of the devices will need to take extra burden to decode the software which might lead to exhaustion of battery life much faster.

Most of the Apple Devices or other Mobile devices use H.264 decoder, which plays a major role in improving the battery backup while playing videos. As it is the default decoder embedded on the chip, there is no need for the hardware and processor to decode everything. Not to forget H.264 supports flash as well. So, there is no question of allowing flash onto iDevices which might drain the battery power pretty quickly.

These are the 7 Major reasons why Apple and Steve Jobs always ignore Flash on their iDevices, despite of the Fact that both Apple and Adobe are still working together.

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    • It kind of irks me that apple doesn’t support flash, just because so many sites do still use it, but Jobs was absolutely right. I’ve worked my way around it, there’s more than enough information on the web that I just bypass sites with flash. Simple.

  1. One of The main reasons is, after releasing MAC, Steve jobs asked Adobe to create multimedia apps… but Adobe neglected MAC… So Steve jobs neglected Flash…

  2. Awesome brother!

    Elaborated posts. I always thought why apple neglected flash, but couldn’t get the answer. You made me get this thorough my head.

    Keep it coming

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