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Something funny i just saw and felt like sharing with all you “Programmer-people”. Someone posted a question “What’s your favorite programmer’s cartoon?” at StackOverflow.com and response contains the most funny geeky cartoons ever.

Have a Laugh Riot!

I personally like this one:


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6 Comments to Programmer’s Fun

  1. Lol…the cartoon is extremely funny..I think the language is C and not C++ cos in C++ the print command is cout..I think (lol…I ate up all that I studied)

  2. Haha..that was the thing we actually did once when our ‘C’ programming prof asked us to write an statement “We will practice C, and not waste time” 100 times

    The memories of the situation just got refreshed today after 2 years .. 🙂

    Thanks Aastha!

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