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Travel technology: 6 Popular Gadgets for Travelers

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In this post, we are going to deal with few gadgets that which are termed as most popular gadgets while travelling. If you love travelling or have the job in which most of the time you have to travel, then you know it well that without fun gadgets travelling can be sometimes boring. Thanks to the innovative technologies which has designed many cool travel gadgets that you can carry anywhere and are completely safe to use. If you are planning to travel next time carry some of these necessary travel accessories to make your trip more exciting.

1. The Compu Flash Multi-function with 1 GB Pen

This pen is popular because of its multi-functionality features. It has got a built in microphone. You can store up to 500 songs. You can also play FM radio. Another advantage of having this gadget is that you can transfer at least 1 GB data to your laptop. People who are too busy in life can carry this pen while travelling so that their work does not get disturbed because for travelling. As it is a small gadget keeping one with you will not be a problem.

Compu Flash Multi-function with 1 GB Pen

2. Personal 2720 Sunglasses

When it comes to traveling, carrying sunglasses is must. This sunglass have polarized crystal lens which helps to protect your eyes from harmful rays. These sunglasses are designed in a way which can go well on any dress you wear.

Personal 2720 Sunglasses

3. Money Clip

You must be very careful when you are traveling to the place which is new to you. Threats of pick pocketing are everywhere. It is one of the major concerns for the travelers. Due to advanced technology, you do not need to have such worry. Keep your wallet aside and switch to the money clip. This is the best way you can save your money while traveling. It is a small device which fits in even the small front pocket. You can call it 100% foolproof. It often comes with alarm facility, if touched by any stranger it alerts you instantly.

Money Clip

4. Power Monkey

Do not go on the name because it is the latest invention which can be convenient for you. Often time comes when you have to make an urgent call and your cell phone battery goes or you want to capture particular image and finds that there is no battery in your cell phone. Sometimes it can be very annoying. To overcome these problems, gadget gurus have come up with the new invention called power monkey because of which you never be without battery charge again. The device is a reserve charger which you can use for your cell phone and even for some small electronics like camera or iPod. It is light in weight and convenient to carry. You can use it in 150 countries and are compatible with cell phones and digital cameras.

Power Monkey

5. CradlePoint CTR-350 Cellular Travel Router

Now you do not need to have a map when you travel to a place which is new to you. Thanks to advanced technology, the latest invention of CTR-350 makes you more clear about your routes. It is a great mobile Wi-Fi router. You can use the mobile broadband data device and get access to it through Wi-Fi. All you need to do is enable wireless security otherwise everybody can have access to it.

Cradle point CTR-350 Cellular Travel Router

6. Waterproof camera

Visiting a new place and not taking pictures is impossible. New invention called waterproof camera is a great device. It is shockproof up to 6.6 feet, waterproof to 33 feet and crushproof to 220lbs. The camera comes with 10.1 megapixels with great quality. It comes in different colors. You can clearly focus on fishes or other marine things and expose the way as you want.

Carrying such type of gadgets will definitely make your traveling comparatively simpler. You will get these gadgets at affordable cost and are light in weight. Hence make sure you carry these with you to make your traveling worth.


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