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Excited About Playstation 4? Take a look at some of its features

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playstation 4
If you are excited to know about the Playstation 4 features, I hope you’ve reached the right place. With Sony and Microsoft locked in a war to gain unprecedented dominance in the luring gaming market throughout the world, it seems likely that both of these companies will leave no stone unturned to roll out better & more-sophisticated gaming consoles over the course of the next few years. While Microsoft presently holds an edge thanks to its wireless Kinect console, Sony has enjoyed great success with its trademark Playstation in the last decade and is in no mood to see the burgeoning market slip from its hands.

People are now widely expecting Sony to come out with the latest version of its console aka the Playstation 4. While there is no official announcement on the release date of the Playstation 4, if experts are to be believed, the much-awaited console may be out within the next one year. Not only that, there are rumors doing the rounds that Sony is likely to call the PS4 ‘Orbis’, which seems a bit strange as the previous versions didn’t have any names associated with them, so why this time! Anyway, the rumored specs & features are already out, so why not check them out and see if Playstation 4 will be worth buying or not.

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playstation 4 features

Features of Playstation 4

1. Full 3D Support and Automatic Sync

Unlike Playstation 3, the PS4 will come with full 3D support along with 4K2K compatibility and 3D Blu-Ray support which was added to PS3 recently. Also the console would be enabled to synchonize with Sony Bravia and Sony Ericsson. Another worthwhile addition to the console is the Sony Entertainment Network, which was formerly known as Qriocity.

2. Better Processing Power

The PS4 will most likely roll out with an improved RAM of around 2GB. Coming to the processor, the PS4 is expected to boast 16 SPE’s which is much more than the current processor that features just 1 PPE (Power Processing Element). All in all, you can be sure about the fact that PS4 will be high on performance and all gaming lags would most likely be eliminated.

3. Improved Storage Space

This is one area where the PS4 is all set to deliver a knockout blow. While the current version of the Playstation comes with a maximum storage of 320GB, the PS4 is slated to come out with a vastly improved 1.5TB hard disk drive. Though this might not make a huge world of difference to some of us amateur gamers, hardcore gaming fans will definitely be elated by this, as they’ll be able to literally store hundreds of titles. It will also feature USB 3.0 ports along with an HDMI connect port.

4. Focus on Ecofriendliness

With so much talk about enviromental issues all across the globe, Sony has decided to make its next gen console much more environment friendly. In fact, the PS4 is said to be made from up to 60% of recycable materials, and will come integrated with an “Eco Start” feature that will allow gamers to save their current games and resume from where they left, without having to switch off the device.

Additionally, the PS4 will automatically switch off after every 30 minutes of inactivity to make sure energy is not wasted unnecessarily. The most fascinating aspect about the device is that it will automatically get self-charged from a rechargeable cell, which is definitely unheard of in any other device presently!

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