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OnePlus2 Smartphone to Be Priced Under $450

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Here’s some good news for OnePlus fans! The upcoming smartphone from the maker has been revealed today and surprisingly, the firm’s CEO Pete Lau spoke about it on social platforms. OnePlus2, the latest entry to the smartphone world, has confirmed that it would be priced under $450 (INR- 29,000).

It reached the social networking platform, making announcements on its price quote. He tweeted – “We’ve seen price estimates for the #OnePlus2 upwards of $500. I can promise that the OnePlus 2 will be priced under $450.”

Surprisingly, it is the first maker to come with an estimated pricing for its smartphone. Initially, the Chinese maker had tipped the costs of OnePlus2 in 2 cases; once, it suggested that the cost of the phone would be higher than $350 (CNY 2000 or INR 20,000), while the second time Pete Lau (CEO of OnePlus) hinted that it would be under $400 (CNY 2499 or Rs 25,000).

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The firm stressed on the cost of its new phone in a Google+ page, before adding a teaser shot. Again, it isn’t about the price, but all about how the maker is shaping up the phone that meets customer expectations. Considering the fact that OnePlus1 was called as ‘2014 flagship killer’ for the features it came with a competitive price tag, we can expect many improvements in this successor edition.

The firm has announced that its 2nd flagship phone, OnePLus2 will be releasing on July27th, though the announcement will be made very soon. The Chinese maker states that OnePlus2 would feature USB Type C port, Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 V2.1, and finger print sensor, which is said to be faster than Apple’s Touch ID sensor.

Talking about the previous model, OnePlus1 was released last year in April at a starting price of @300 for 16GB version, while 64GB costs at $350. Just in last month, the firm gave OnePlus1 a permanent price reduction in the United States and some European nations as well. The 16GB silk OnePlus will be available at a cost of $250 (around 16,000-17,000 INR), while the 64GB sandstone black OnePlus is available at EUR 299 in eligible European nations and $299 in the US (approximately 19,500).

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