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Nokia Car kit 616

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Simple Versatility :
The Nokia 616 Car Kit comes with three operational modes depending on your mobile phone capabilities and personal preferences:

  • SIM Access Mode: functions as a car phone that accesses the SIM card of a compatible mobile phone using Bluetooth SIM Access Profile
  • Handsfree Mode: functions as a car kit that accesses a compatible mobile phone using the Bluetooth Handsfree Profile
  • Car SIM Mode: functions as a standalone car phone with a separate SIM card inserted in the SIM card reader in the Nokia 616 Car Kit Additionally, you can conveniently switch between your compatible mobile phone and car kit when entering or leaving your car, simply by turning the ignition key. The Nokia 616 Car Kit requires professional installation.

Convenient Information Management
The Nokia 616 Car Kit is designed to accommodate the particular needs of the user. You can handle calls and messages using a separate display and input device installed at a convenient place in the vehicle. The large font size of the display makes the text easier to read. You can access the main phone features with a small input device that can be installed at within easy reach. Voice dialing is also simple – just press the dedicated voice key and speak the desired name.
Excellent audio quality and an external antenna connection further enhance your calling and messaging experience in the vehicle environment. And if two people share the car, both can easily access their personal user profiles including contacts, personal voice tags and specified car kit settings.
Wide Compatibility
The Nokia 616 Car Kit offers wider compatibility, since it supports several profiles of the Bluetooth standard. In addition to the SIM Access Profile, it supports the Bluetooth Handsfree Profile, which is standard in all Nokia mobile phones with built-in Bluetooth wireless technology.*
* Bluetooth Handsfree Profile 1.0 is not supported by the Nokia 7650.
Phonebook and User Profiles

  • * Memory for two user data profiles including contacts, voice tags, personal settings
  • * Up to 1000 contacts per user data profile, up to 5 numbers per contact
  • * Contacts download from compatible mobile phone supporting Bluetooth wireless technology

Audio Features

  • * Handsfree with excellent audio quality
  • * Option to use compatible existing car loudspeakers
  • * Support for car radio mute
  • * One touch switchover between car handsfree and compatible wireless headset supporting Bluetooth wireless technology
  • * Ringing tone and speaker volume adjustment with Navi™ wheel
  • * Switch between normal, silent, and standby modes

Video Features
* User-dependent voice dialing
* Memory for up to 12 voice tags per user profile
* 3 user-dependent predefined voice commands per user profile:

  • – Replay voice memos
  • – Download contacts
  • – Connect wireless headset

* Voice recording also during a call:

  • – Up to ten voice recordings, totalling up to 5 min. ofrecording time
  • – Easy replay of voice recordings

Call Features

  • * Call initiation
  • – Voice dialing with name tags
  • – From phonebook
  • – From call registers
  • – Number dialing
  • * Accept / reject an incoming call
  • * Closed user group
  • * Fixed dialing number

Messaging Features # Short message handling

  • *- Read SMS*
  • – Voice call back to SMS sender*
  • – SMS forward to mobile phone via Bluetooth technology*
  • – Send predefined templates*- Store SMS as template*
  • – Entering SMS text via the optional Nokia CarHandset HSU-4*
  • – Business card and calendar card upload to mobile phonevia SMS or Bluetooth wireless technology*

Interfaces supported

  • * GSM 900/1800 antenna
  • * Bluetooth profiles (according to specification 1.0)
  • – SIM access (SIM)
  • – Handsfree (HFP)
  • – Object Push (OPP)
  • – Dialup network (DUN)
  • – Fax
  • – Serial Port
  • – Headset

GSM Data Capabilities

  • * Modem and fax function via Bluetooth wireless technology interface
  • * GSM data transfer:
  • – HSCSD up to 43,2 kbps
  • – GPRS up to 40,2 kbps

The Nokia 616 Car Kit – Comfortable mobile communication
The Nokia 616 Car Kit is for you if you want to make handsfree calls and see your phone messages and contacts on a clear display screen.
With a Nokia 616 Car Kit you can:

  • manage your phone and make handsfree calls while you’re driving
  • store voice tags for easy dialling, record calls and read contact details and SMS messages on the car kit’s display (with a compatible phone)
  • functions as a car phone that accesses the SIM card of a compatible mobile phone using Bluetooth SIM Access Profile

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