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New Malware which Detects Browser

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Now a days the use of internet is increasing day by day around the world and a lot of information exchange is going on. More than 70% of users are using Microsoft developed Operating Systems (Windows XP,Vista,Windows 7 etc.), and they are providing the default browser IE(Internet Explorer) with a great deal of security issues and users feels they are doing secure browsing, but Microsoft will warn you about a new malware (malicious software) which auto-detects the user’s browser and then imitates the relevant malware warning pages from Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome.


The similarity between the fake warning pages is so accurate that it can trick even highly trained eyes. This malware was named as “Rogue:MSIL/Zeven.

Malware Progress

Just two years ago, a fake malware page and a fake antivirus looked like this


For example, in the Firefox browser you can see it’s general warning tab in which they misspelled “out” as “our” at “Get me our of here”.


All the “updates” point to a copy of MSIL/Zeven that promises to provide ” a new approach to windows detection”, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Crome do not offer such a solution when a website is blocked“.

Beyond the warning pages, the actual malware looks like the real deal: it allows you to scan files, tells when you are behind your updates and enables you to change your security and privacy settings. These features are usually avaliable in various lawful antivirus solutions. Of course once it scans your computer it’s bound to claim.

It also “finds” the malicious files, and claims that it cannot delete the affected files unless you update. This implies that you have to pay for the full version, which has the ability to download updates. However, these files are totally spammy; no such files exist in the user’s computer.
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If you decided to buy the product, the rouge opens in an HTML window enabled with ‘Safe Browsing Mode’ and high strength encryption to “help” and “protect” you while completing your purchase. The main page of the rouge antivirus program itself looks awfully close to Microsoft Security Essentials webpage.


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  1. A few months back I moved to Ubuntu as my primary OS and now almost every report about viruses makes me smile uncontrollably. 🙂 Join us 🙂

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