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New HTC Desire 820S : Awesome Smartphone for the Younger Generation

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HTC Corporation is the biggest company in mobile and tablet manufacturing; they have manufactured a lot of smartphones and tablets with Android as the operating system. This famous company has been decently making a good business in market nowadays. Recently, they have launched a very awesome product – HTC Desire 820S, which is booming in market right now. Previously, they had launched HTC Desire 816 and 820, which is still making business in market because of its reasonable price and good performance. This is now followed by HTC Desire 820. Here’s a quick review of the product.

HTC Desire 820 is one of the first phones with Qualcomm’s 64-bit octa-core Snapdragon 615 SoC, which will be more effective to mid-market range. There is not much difference in 820 and 820s; the only difference is that 820S has Qualcomm.

Coming to its looks, it’s designed perfectly; its screen size is too good at 5.5 inch, with 720p display. The internal storage is 16GB, which is good enough. The camera quality is very good; if you are interested in photography, then this is a highly recommended model. It features 13MP rear and 8MP front camera, which is very good for landscape photography too. The 2GB RAM is adequate and can be involved in multitasking without any issues.

htc desire 820s
The performance of HTC Desire 820S is mind-blowing without any glitch; the system works in an efficient way. The performance or previous releases like 820 and 816 was also good and so it is still hitting the markets. The reasonable rate will make HTC Desire 820 and 816 some of the best mobiles in the market. HTC desire 820S sports Android Kitkat 4.4.4 version, which is right now the best OS in the market.

The overall call quality and audio quality is good. The dual speaker in front and earphone quality is moderate. HTC is one of the biggest companies for production of earphones. This smartphone is a great option to consider for the younger generation because of the features. HTC takes all the requirements of the mobile users into consideration and manufactures a unique smartphone that suits today’s generation.

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