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10 Best Rooted Android Apps to be installed on your Device

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rooted android apps
In this article we are going to deal with the list of must have rooted android apps, that helps you to organize, manage and design your life with perfect schedules using your rooted android device. These are the apps that you need to install after rooting your android device and all these rooted android apps makes your rooted android device worth a hassle.

There are many reasons of rooting, some of the basic reasons can be, to install the custom ROM or to get maximum control over the device, flexibility or many more. Rooting an android device without installing a custom ROM is just a waste, because installing custom ROM offers us with many exciting features which our manufacturers doesn’t offer us, as installing the custom ROM for your rooted android device adds a lots of things by installing the rooted android apps onto your device.

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rooted android applications
By rooting the android device, you can break all the limitations that are fixed by the manufacturers, and it also allows us to install custom versions of the android operating system. Make sure that, you exactly know the reason why you are rooting your device. Rooting of your device leads to nullifying your warranty.

Checking after all these important aspects,  once the rooting and setting up of your Android device is done, everyone would like to gain access to all the different applications that it can support, and the only way to achieve that is to employ the rightful apps. So, let us jump into our list of best rooted android apps that you must install on your android device.

10  Best Rooted Android Apps list

#1. SuperUser 

  • superuser
    This is one of the must have rooted android apps. Generally, after rooting your android device, it is going to be the first and foremost application that you must install on your device.
  • It gives you the absolute super user power for your device, that allows you to manage every task on your device.
  • Some apps require root privilages to run on the device and these apps will be asking to grant permission to run, but displaying a pop-up option, if we are having SuperUser app installed on our device.
  • In brief, this app assists in managing the apps that are permitted to access protected areas of one’s device, and it is a must-have app for all the rooted devices. <SuperUser>

#2.Wireless Tether

    WirelessTether app
    Wireless Tether app is one of the best rooted android apps that creates a Wi-Fi hotspot without paying extra pennies for our carrier.
  • It makes you to forget apps like PdaNet or EasyTether which don’t require any rooting.
  • This app works only for rooted devices. It creates a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing us to get access to internet by using the Mobile Data Plan (4G/3G/2G) (regardless to the carrier) or even the Wi-Fi connection that got established by our device. <Wireless Tether>

#3. Titanium Backup

  • titanium backup
    Android doesn’t have any integrated solutions like iOS based devices have: iTunes or iCloud, which allows the users to backup or restore or manage entire data and applications.
  • So, while restoring or switching to new devices, we need to search for some desperate sources that saves time, and if you are searching for these kind of apps, Titanium Backup is one of the best option for you. It is considered as one of the must have rooted android apps that you must have on your device.
  • It can backup apps and their desirable data. It is even capable of deleting the system apps. It takes regular backup of our applications in the device and creates sessions.
  • If anything goes wrong, you can still get back everything using Titanium Backup application. <Titanium Backup>

#4. ROM Manager:

  • Rom Manager
    This is yet another must-have app for all the rooted android smartphones.
  • It helps in managing the ROM through a handy UI, and it allows you to install your favorite ROMs via SD card, and also over the air.
  • It installs ROMs from our SD card, backups your data, restores, ClockworMod recovery option, and many more options makes it one of the best rooted android apps.
  • It is available in both free and paid versions and I suggest you to try out the free version to know the exciting power of this application. <Root Manager>

#5. Quick Boot

  • quick boot
    This is one of the uncomplicated apps made available for the rooted android phones, but it’s an extremely handy one.
  • It assists in speedy and easy reboot of the device, turning off, and also booting the phone into boot-loader or recovery mode.
  • If you are searching for an application that helps you to reboot you android device quickly , the QuickBoot (reboot) is one of the best rooted android apps that I suggest you.
  • It does 3 jobs, quick boot, recovery boot as well as bootloader boot with just one single tap. This application requires root access. <Quick Boot>

Including, these 5 application there are many exciting rooted android apps that are available. Lets, check about them briefly.

  • AdFree: It is a great app whose main function is to eliminate ads from the browser, and also some other apps on the android device.
  • ES File Explorer: It explores your device and it is all-in-one manager, task killer and what not, it is loaded with exciting apps. You can also access your files on your device from anywhere and share them easily.
  • SetCPU: Must have rooted android apps, that supercharges your device which is capable of changing CPU settings. It improves performance and battery life of your device.
  • CacheMate for Root Users: It allows you to clear the mobile cache with just 1 click, but you must have root access to use this app. Scheduled cache clearance is also enabled.
  • Market Enabler: This app will sort out the missing applications in your Play Store. It just kicked the limitations of mobile network or region or anything. It creates a fake network provider which stays active till your device is rebooted again.

These are some of the best rooted android apps that you must install on your device after you’ve rooted your device.

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