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MP3-2000 : An Easy Way to Listen & Download Music

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MP3-2000 is a Music search engine you can download free MP3 songs which are posted around the web. MP3-2000 is founded in the 1998. Yeah! Its 13 years now, they have indexed 1502377 by June 2011. There are many Music search engines around the web, but MP3-2000 already topped the lists. You can easily listen & download songs for free.


Its very easy to search files in this website, because of the files are arranged in an alphabetical order. You can also search by Song Title, Artist name or Album name. You can also see top 12 listened songs by users. You can also see the top 50 songs listed in the home page, which are based on the search statistics of the users. It also lists Top 100 songs listened by the people of USA and World charts which offers you to find many new sounds listened by the people.

With its huge database size which contains more than 1 million, you can listen almost any song you want before downloading it. It indexes all the available legal MP3 songs available around the Internet. If you have searched for a song and didn’t find it, you can definitely find it on MP3-2000 database. It is probably the easiest site to download free music.


You can also submit MP3 file links. But they are not added directly, it is listed in their directory after proper validation. To submit a link you need to give details like: Your Name, Email address, Phone number etc., They might verify your identity and approve your link for listing.

So what are you waiting for? Go download your favorite tunes.
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