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Motorola Xoom vs Apple iPad 2 : The War of Tablets

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motorola xoom vs ipad
Here is some interesting information about Tablet War and we are going to deal with comparison between Motorola Xoom vs iPad from Apple. These both were considered as Best Tablet PCs in the world with their own specialities. We have discussed about War between Samsung Galaxy Tab vs iPad and now here we are about to deal with Motorola Xoom vs iPad.

2011 is considered as Year of Tablets, as you might have already tasted it with Apple’s Brand New iPad 2 with upgraded features and Motorola’s Xoom with Android 3.0 Honeycomb version. So, how about raising a research oriented article based on their design, build, performance, compatibility and other issues. This article is going to deal exactly with same thing, the Ultimate War of Tablets is Still On, Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 from Apple.

In Comparison between Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 from Apple, we’ll deal with these aspects

  1. Design and Structure Comparison
  2. Processor and Operating System Comparison
  3. Applications and Software Compatibility Comparison
  4. Camera, Battery Life and Price Details
  5. Conclusion

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Motorola Xoom VS iPad 2

Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 from Apple

#1. Design and Structure war between Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2.

  • Motorola Xoom comes with 10.1 inch screen with 1280X800 screen resolution, while Apple iPad is having slightly smaller Screen with 9.7 inch and 1024X768 screen resolution. So ,when it comes to display, the Motorola Xoom is having a little upper hand than Apple iPad 2.
  • The Design of Apple iPad is sleeky with smooth edges and its thickness is only 8.8mm whereas in case of Motorola Xoom which comes with 12.7mm thickness (fair enough) as its almost equal to Apple iPad 1.
  • Despite of having 10.1 inch screen, it works out to around with 160 PPI and also its designed with 16:9 wide screen. When you redirect the task to Apple iPad 2, it works out to around with 139 PPI and also its designed with 4:3 wide screen.
Motorola Xoom vs iPad - Comparision

Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 - Comparision

#2. Processor and Operating System Comparision between Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2.

  • Motorola Xoom comes with Android 3.0 Honeycomb version OS, which was especially designed to run a tablet. Motorola Xoom is one of the only few Tablets which was built as Honeycomb compatible Tablet. Where as Apple iPad 2 has its own iOS platform which were definitely accepted as one of the revolutionary development.
  • Apple iPad 2 is loaded with 1GHZ dual-core A5 processor whereas Motorola Xoom is loaded with 1GHZ dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.
  • When it comes to Random Access Memory (RAM) Apple iPad comes only with 512MB where as Motorola Xoom is equipped with ultimate 1GB RAM which inturn can be explained as Motorola Xoom is faster than Apple iPad. Casually, Tablets may not be in desperate requirement of RAMs but these RAMs come handy in case of Graphics, Multi-tasking, Gaming and etc.
  • Apple iPad 2 is available in different variants of storage formats like 16GB, 32GB, 64GB. While Motorola Xoom only comes with 32GB storage box, but one thing that will bother Xoom users is it is not yet enabled with Micro SD slot.
Apple iPad vs Motorola Xoom

Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 from Apple - OS and Processor

#3. Applications and Software Compatibility Comparision between Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2

  • I must admit you that Apple iPad is far ahead of Motorola Xoom in this aspect. Apple is having over 50,000 apps specially developed for its Tablet PC, while Motorola Xoom users can hardly find the Apps when compared to Apple iPad.
  • As, its the known fact that Google haven’t yet focused on developing the dedicated and compatible Apps for the Tablet OS. Ofcourse, with the words of Steve Jobs in Apple iPad 2 Launch “Google have taken this issue seriously and trying to show its impact“.
  • While it comes to HDMI, Motorola Xoom offers you a free inbuilt HDMI where are Apple iPad charges you over 39$. Both tablets were loaded with Wireless keyboards but Motorola Xoom is having internal sensors which make it bit worthy than Apple iPad. The connectivity of Both Tablets is satisfactory, but Motorola Xoom has a bit upper hand in this case as well.
  • In case of browsing experience, iPad is deifnitely having a mere advantage because of Safari Browser. This works much better than in iPhone. Motorola Xoom’s browser is not as faster as Safari, while its loaded with few interesting features to make impact like Tabs, Bookmarking, Incognito Tab etc.
  • The Main reason that people will get attracted to Motorola Xoom is Flash. Ofcoure Flash is not yet introduced, but practises were going on to introduce it while you can never ever expect Flash thing in Apple iPad.

Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 - Apps and Software Compatibility

#4. Camera, Battery Life and Price Details of Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2

  • The Camera Aspect is pretty same in both Tablets, like both of these were loaded with Front-Facing webcams and ultimate rear cameras. While, if you have a close look Apple iPad’s camera quality looks like VGA-quality (640X480) where are Motorola Xoom has 2 MG Front facing Camera.
  • In case of battery Life, Apple iPad is having little advantage as its offering 10 hours of full fledged Battery while Motorola Xoom offers you around 9.1 hours of battery life which is not a big difference though.
  • Apple ipad 2 is available at really worthy price starting from $499 (16GB Wi-Fi) while extreme version of iPad 2 32GB costs you around $729 which is over 100$ less that Motorola Xoom with same configuration.
Motorola Xoom vs iPad

Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2

Conclusion : War Between Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2 from Apple

  • My vote definitely goes to Apple iPad when you are buying a tablet for Apps and Software Compatibility in comparison between Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2.
  • Where are if you are a Gaming Lover or want you use extreme graphics with your Tablet, then I suggest you to Opt Motorola Xoom which comes with Double the RAM that of Apple iPad.
  • The Camera of Motorola Xoom is far ahead of Apple iPad 2, where as the Battery Life of Apple is better than Xoom. Which reflects the fact that both the Tablets Can’t give you 100%, but worth buying if you are thinking of certain aspects.
  • Finally, few things that we need to check like the Sales of Apple iPad  2 were far ahead of Motorola Xoom, which is casting doubt on entire Android Tablet Market.

Considering the aspects which we have discussed in War of Tablets : Motorola Xoom vs iPad 2, just think which Tablet suits you while buying. Hope this Comparision between Motorola Xoom vs iPad cleared few doubts that you faced.

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10 Comments to Motorola Xoom vs Apple iPad 2 : The War of Tablets

  1. Nice article bro i have never liked any Apple product (except Macs) i love Android but hey check out the Acer Iconia Tab its launching today and its quite good 🙂

  2. Siddartha

    @Ujjwal Thanks a lot bro. Yea will definitely Look into Acer Iconia! Thnx for suggestion

  3. hey man the past few years have all been apple apple and apple. its about time motorola comes in to give some competition. Also in the realm of handphones i heard that the galaxy 2 is great:)

  4. I think the Xoom wont be as good as some of the newer tablets coming out from say ASUS, Lenovo, and HTC. I think in a couple of months these companies will be able to compete with Apple. Its kinda funny there are so many companies competing against one company to make a better product, it almost doesnt seem fair for Apple. 🙂

  5. I haven’t seen a Xoom in the flesh yet as they are a little rare here in Australia but despite the iPad 2 being a decent advance on the original I think that Apple have made a few notable omissions. These include no expansion capability (either USB or SD card) which I assume the Xoom has at least one of and the low amount of RAM, which you mention in your article. RAM is so cheap these day you’d think Apple would bump it up to 1GB. It’s nice to see a decent competitor to the iPad 2 though as the original Samsung Galaxy tab didn’t really make the cut in my opinion.

  6. So I am typing this message from my xoom at the moment and I must say that after purchasing the ipad2 and returning it to give this device a try that the difference is astounding. The xooms software is light years ahead of apple. They have truely taken time to design a user interface that is based around touch screen multitasking. I will not deny apple has many more apps but I also own an iPhone so if there’s a feature that I lack on the xoom I just pull out my phone. However that has yet to happen. We all have different reasons for liking a certain product but if an unbiased individual would only take a week or two with each device I am certain that they would select the xoom.

  7. I like the Motorola Xoom, its getting some great reviews lately,I was thinking about the new Blackberry Playbook but going by what I have read it looks like the Xoom would be a better choice, great post!

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