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Money Blogging is not for Everyone, its Unique and Special

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I recommend to many, that blogging is 100% legal way to make money online. However, its not the case for all. Blogging is an art. Every one cannot become an artist as it has some pre-requisite. Few months earlier, I recommend blogging to everyone. I felt thats the huge mistake i have did ever in my life.

People who got the advice from me totally started a new blog on their own and they thought they are really smart. I strongly believe in Team Work, which failed in their case. They just curious on reaping the millions all by themselves without giving even a single penny to others. Bloggers who blog for more than 6 months probably know the fact.

Make Money Online

Blogging is not just the legal way to earn money. Its almost matters how much you spend (ofcourse it wont be huge compare to your earnings) to initiate some activities in order to get some genuine crowd.

Selecting your niche, focusing on that and writing articles is secondary. But first you must follow up some attitude corrections to build the best blog not just a blog among the crowd. Being unique is so important for blogging. You cannot simply clone like some one and continue with your process. Look other blogs to get a better idea and to learn how they write and get attracted among the crowd. But you must implement all your unique set of ideas to make the blog stand out from the crowd.

Blogging Tips

And these days when i go to seminars, i never recommend blogging as the choice for every one to earn money online.

  • Attitude
  • Hardwork
  • Patience
  • Creativity

are the things essential as far as i have understood on what is blogging all about. Bloggers are so intelligent freaks in my view. They are 80% up to date with the technology and trends that exist today. It helps them to improve their communication skills, writing skill, even public speaking – when you know the words and continuous practice you can improve the public speaking for sure. Just one or two sessions with your fellow mates you can surely rock and roll in sessions that you have strangers sitting on the hall.

Blogger is an unique personality

You will show off in the crowd for sure. When some one (who never knew or tried blogging) excited while getting hands on with iPhone 4 or whatever device, blogger will never get excited or amazed. They will just be curious to digg some options to discuss with their readers.

Thats because they already knew about the technology aspects and complete features of maximum gadgets that reach in public. Bloggers get connected to Blogosphere (example NetworkedBlogs) and that really helps them to keep the knowledge up to date.

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20 Comments to Money Blogging is not for Everyone, its Unique and Special

  1. yeah.. its really true, same happens in my circle, whenever my frnds knew i earn good, they want to start n earn right from the first day..
    There is much more to know in blogging.. as u said.. and also, Rome was not built in a day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. People usually think that working online can produce an easy money. However, itโ€™s absolutely the other way around. You need to be tough when you work online. Why? Simply because youโ€™re working alone and deciding alone. Nobody will every dictate you on what youโ€™re doing. No one will correct your mistake or praise your achieve. You also need to handle changes. There are times that can be tough, there are moments that can be that easy. You need to handle both emotional and mental burden if you want to succeed.

  3. For my view i can say that if we are focused and ready to blog with enthu..then i m sure we can make anything possible ๐Ÿ™‚ This is what i really experienced ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. i agree, some people are just not built for blogging online. If you don’t write in a captivating manner and have nothing insightful to share, you’re better off focusing your skills elsewhere

  5. I agree with you Robinson, team work is very necessary and that can be proved if you look at most of the blogs(Techie-Buzz, Shout Me Loud etc) which are doing well they all hire authors and work as a team and finally achieve their goal.

    Thanks for the awesome post.
    Ravi Shankar.

  6. Sharply said! The artist example illustrates the true nature of commercial blogging. Also I would like you to back up on the team work front. Its sheer greed that prevents people from taking it to the privates rather than discussing them in public.

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