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Microsoft’s New Sales Solution Waging War with Industry Leader Salesforce

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Microsoft is throwing salt on the wounds of their relationship with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions giant, Salesforce. Back in November 2016, these once friendly companies were in an all-out battle to acquire LinkedIn. After the story of love lost, Microsoft came out on top and won the 26 million dollar bid for the social networking company. Six months later in May 2017, Microsoft is once again waging war against Salesforce by using its new relationship with LinkedIn to develop an integrated CRM tool that will directly compete with Salesforce’s CRM product. Expected to be released on July 1st, this CRM solution will throw Salesforce out of the competition and put Microsoft on top.


Microsoft Sales Solution

Although the name has not been decided, the Microsoft Sales Solution will integrate Microsoft’s original Dynamics 365 cloud-based CRM software with LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator. With over 433 million members on LinkedIn, this will give Microsoft Sales Solution users access to a wide network and rolodex of professionals. The CRM solution will mine LinkedIn for leads and give sales representatives recommendations on leads and decision makers to target the right contact for business. If that contact is not known to the representative, the new Microsoft solution will leverage company networks to see if there is anyone in that rep’s company that can facilitate introductions and develop a “best path” to create third-party introductions.

Its integration with Cortana will also allow for artificial intelligence and the ability to find prospective customers from LinkedIn by customer behavior and buying signals. These features will allow sales representatives the ability to better manage contacts, make new leads, and ultimately win more business. Microsoft Sales Solution will revolutionize the world of CRM and give Salesforce a run for its money.

Other Features

Not only will the application integrate with LinkedIn, but it will also integrate with the Microsoft Office Suite. Many CRMs integrate with the Google Suite because it is cheap and it appeals to small businesses; however, with the introduction of Microsoft’s capabilities, it may be time to buy Microsoft Office for cheap prices. The integration between the two applications will allow users to send quotes and invoices from Microsoft Office to their contacts as well as integrate other documents and files. It will also allow for great reporting and analytic tools through excel and a way to import and export contacts.

Besides Microsoft Office, the CRM will include many features of the Dynamics 365 tool such as integration with Skype for direct calling from the tool, social listening tools, and pipeline management. It will be an all-around CRM tool that is sure to win the hearts of sales teams. Watch out Salesforce, Microsoft is coming for the top.

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