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Make Web Load Faster in Firefox

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Firefox is one of the most widely used browsers today. It is useful for carrying out heavy operations at a fast speed. Most people use firefox because of its blazing fast speed. But did you know that you can actually speed up firefox ?

I hope you know the term BroadBand is a short form for Broad Bandwidth. This means that if you have a broadband connection then you can make several requests at the same time. The broader the bandwidth the more the number of requests you can make at an instant. If your using a broadband connection then you may not be utilising its full potential with firefox.

By default Firefox sets a limit to the number of connections so that even users with short bandwidth can get good results from firefox. If you’re a broadband user with a fast internet speed then you may prefer overriding the defaults set my Mozilla. Before doing so, you should note that:

HTTP pipelining is a technique in which multiple HTTP requests are written out to a single socket without waiting for the corresponding responses. The pipelining of requests results in a dramatic improvement in page loading times, especially over high latency connections such as satellite Internet connections.

Allowing HTTP pipelining will increase your bandwidth such that you can do several requests at once. If you want to allow this to speed up firefox then see the following steps:

1. Type about:config in your browser, and type network.http in the filter field.
2. Search for following entries:
Normally browser makes one request at once, by enabling this the browser will make several requests at once.

3. Alter the values of entries as:

network.http.pipelining” to true.
network.http.proxy.pipelining” to true.
network.http.pipelining.maxrequests” to a value 25.

This means the browser will make 25 requests at once.

This means your browser can make 30 requests at once. Don’t set it above 30 otherwise some sites may consider you as a spammer.

Splash your web pages faster
In firefox, web pages load quickly, but appear on screen after a certain time. If you have a fast processor with a high RAM and a good graphics memory, then you can let the web pages appear on screen instantly. This will speed your performance but may be frying your processor. If you want to apply this trick, you can by changing the following value:
Change this value to “0″ to wait zero milliseconds to wait for splash screen. Mozilla suggests the value to be 250 for average speed computers

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That’s all. Restart Firefox to observe the changes. For a internet speed of 256 kb/sec your Firefox speed will become about 150% and for fast internet connections it can go upto 700%.

Basically Firefox has it disabled by mistake so that users with slow internet connections will also get a good browsing experience. But for high speed internet users, this function can be enabled manually. This makes Firefox even more customizable.

If you are a blogger or developer, you must try this. This will allow many HTML and JavaScript files to load simultaneously, giving faster page load.

Make sure you make note of what you change. You can always undo these changes later.

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