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3 Major Problems of Wireless Broadbands and Their Solutions

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In this post we are going to discuss about 3 Major Problems of Wireless Broadbands and Their Solutions, which we commonly face with our wireless net. Using a wireless internet connection can be a really great decision to make but you must understand that life is not a bed of roses, the fact that an internet connection is great and promising does not mean you won’t experience problems in the future and the best thing to do is to be well prepared for these problems when they come. This article will be giving you some major problems experienced by wireless broadband internet users and how they can be solved.

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#1. Encryption Key and Passwords Security

The number one problem experienced by wireless broadband users is the security of their encryption keys and passwords. As internet technology keeps on improving hacking technology also experiences an improvement.

A lot of hacking tools have been developed to be used for cracking passwords and encryption keys and due to the low level of security of the passwords most people use it is very easy for these hacking tools to achieve their aims.

Most of these tools are based on dictionaries, synonyms and a lot of words and phrases so it is important to make sure password and encryption keys alphanumeric and difficult to get. You should also make sure you use a more advanced from of encryption protocol such as the WPA2 instead of WEP.

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#2. Signal Leakage

This can be referred to as “signal leakage” or not depending on the person in charge of the wireless network; a lot of people make it easy for other people to discover their wireless networks because they are not aware of the potential damages it can do to them.

Making your wireless network public and extended can be really dangerous because doing this will make it easier for hackers and “script kiddies” to stumble on your network and in their quest for exploring to know what more can be found on your network they can end up doing you more harm than good.

The only solution in cases like this is to hide or disable SSID broadcasts; this will make sure your network identity is limited to your computer only thus making it difficult for hackers to discover your network by searching for it/stumbling on your network.

#3. Increased Potential of Being Infected by a Virus

Like with other forms of broadband internet connections, due to the speed it has, a wireless internet can easily be infected by a virus and it is highly important to do your best to protect your network from this.

Make sure you have the latest antivirus version offered by your antivirus provider installed on your computer and do your best to ensure it is always updated. You should also be careful with how you download and open files online (especially from unknown senders) because one of the most used methods of infecting a computer with a virus is by sending an email attachment.

This article gives you some major problems experienced by wireless broadband internet users and how they can be solved.

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5 Comments to 3 Major Problems of Wireless Broadbands and Their Solutions

  1. Thanks for sharing this tips, I have a small VoIP company and we are using wireless broadband from beginning. our technicians took exactly same steps when we faced similar problems,I was planning to write up one,but you already did it. I appreciate.

  2. Some users who set up a wireless broadband connection mistakenly do not use the WPA/WPA2 security available with their wireless routers. This can be used by intruders to get access into the system and also access to the Internet. Always ensure that your wireless network is protected by a good WPA security key.

  3. Hi,
    The tips you gave are really nice and easy to follow, which are mostly ignored by the common users but are a real threat, being used by the intruders and even lock it for our use.
    The tips you shared are really cool.


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