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Major Printer Problems and How to solve them?

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Printers are considered as one of the greatest innovations that are capable of providing us the hard copy by taking software copy as an input. In this post, we are going to deal with some of the major printer problems. It is regardless whether you are using Inkjet or Laser printers, as the most common problem will be communication or print quality issues or low ink levels. I’ve personally faced many annoyances with my Laser Printer, so I’d like to share few of those annoyances along with the solutions.

P.S – Before doing any sort of stuff, please make sure you are confident enough else contact the support staff.


#1. Horizontal Lines are appearing in my Printouts.

This is one of the most annoying issues that arise if you haven’t used your printer for quite some time. The problem for getting Horizontal lines on your printouts will be because of clogged or misaligned print head. You might have to clean the printer’s head by just running the utility program. Make sure you’ve keenly checked through your printer’s manual, because the process might be different for different printers. Sometimes you’ll be forced to clean the printers head multiple times which is one of the most annoying tasks for a geek and it might lead to damaging the nozzles of your printer, be careful with this. In order to avoid this you are suggested to clean your cartridge, and fill it again with the ink or replace the cartridge with new one and before fitting it into the printer, make sure you clean the head and also inner parts of the printer which might be filled with dust or clotted ink. This is one of the common problems of Inkjet printers.

#2. Buzzing of lower ink level

It is yet another problem that the printers will keep on buzzing. Though your cartridge is full, but still your printer might ping up with pop-up, showing the message that “Printer is Running out of Ink” etc., as this is one peculiar problem that most of the people claim. I’ve got rid of this issue and I love to share the resource that helps us to rectify the issue – http://www.inktec-uk.co.uk/57_58_reset.htm

#3. Low Printing Quality or Over Usage of Ink

This might arise because of refilling our cartridge with some third-party printer ink stuff instead of using braded ink. The third-party inks aren’t that clean they will contain the polluted stuff that will ultimately damage your print quality with irregular ink padding on the text. It is always suggested to use manufacturer’s cartridges or to refill the cartridge with the manufacturer’s ink; else you’ll end up with ruining the stuff.

#4. Paper Jamming Problem

This is yet another common issue that you’ll experience. You just need to switch off your printer and try to pull the jammed paper from the print roller carefully or else try to remove the cartridge along with parper and re-insert the cartridge. Once you are done with it, you can press the re-do or re-start button of your printer in order to continue your printing.

#5. Printer not connected Issue

I’ve personally faced this issue many times. You just have to either restart your PC or you have to re-install your drivers once again.

These are some of the well-known problem that we face with our printers. I hope you’ll try to get rid of these common problems.

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