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Luv Football? Participate in Doodle for Google Contest

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If you love football then you can design a Doodle for Google. Google calls its logo as doodle in its own way. Design a Doodle “I love Football.” The contest is open for the kids between the age group of 4-17.

The winning doodle will be displayed on local Google Homepage in June and Global winner’s doodle will be displayed on Google International Home Page for 24 hours on 11 July, 2010. Entry deadline is 3rd May, 2010 9AM[LOCAL TIME].

The winner for both national and global will be chosen by a voting system. National Voting is on from 1st June to 7th June 2010 and Global voting from 21st June – 28 June 2010. The Global winner will be announced on 11th July 2010.

Important! The doodle must not show any representation , logo or symbol of a specific country or a team or a sporting event such as: Football teams badges, country flags, football tournaments symbols or logos or mascot. (Such doodles will be disqualified to compete).

Consent form and templates are available at the official announcement page.

Some interesting Google Doodles.

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8 Comments to Luv Football? Participate in Doodle for Google Contest

  1. Hey brother,I like football very much And i enjoy it.My fav team is Brazil.So if i make any logo for google i highlight my favorite footballer Ronaldinho….LOL but i am not so much good designer.But i will try.And thanks for beautiful Google logo collection.

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