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Login to Facebook using Username

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Facebook is one of the best Social Networking website which is growing it’s empire with rapid pace. But One of the most annoying thing in Facebook is that we still need to log-in into it with our e-mail id. This problem is now cleared by introducing “log-in into Facebook with your Username”.
Now here we are going to look at how to login into facebook by using your Username. Normally we will login into facebook with our prescribed E-Mail ID and Password. But facebook is now providing us the new and easy feature to login into it with our Username. So now if you follow the simple steps you can login into your facebook account with your Username.
  • Initially Log-in into your Facebook account.
  • Follow this link Facebook/Username
  • It’s will show a set of auto-usernames available and also you can choose your own selective Username.
  • Thus after this step you can log-in into your Facebook with both your New Username as well as your Old E-Mail ID.

A username gives you an easy-to-remember web address for your Facebook profile so your friends can more easily find and connect with you.

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