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10 Best Places to Listen to free Music Online

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In this post, we are going to deal about best places to listen free music online. Online music is one of the current trending tech evolution. While many people love listening to music, they hold a rather outdated belief. This wrongly-held belief is that, if they want to listen to music, they have to pay for the privilege. While this might have been the truth a few years ago, it is no longer the truth. With the World Wide Web, there are many places where you can easily, and freely, listen to music online. The ten best places to listen to free Music Online are discussed below

#1. YouTube

YouTube is known for a massive amount of videos, from clips dealing with serious projects to lots and lots of clips about cats. Did you know, however, that YouTube also has an incredible amount of both fan-made and professional music videos? Just search for an artist or song you like and you’ll quickly find it. Be careful though, the quality varies.

#2. Pandora

If listening to your favorite music and finding new songs/artists you might love sounds good to you, then you might want to check out Pandora. This is a free Internet radio that takes your choices on music you already like and uses this to suggest other songs that you might enjoy. The more choices you “like” the better it can suggest songs you may like.

#3. Blip.fm

Blip.fm is like the Facebook of music listeners. The way it works is that you choose songs you already enjoy and have songs you may like also suggested to you. If you really enjoy a song/artist then you can “share” that song/artist with your social network through Facebook or Twitter.

#4. Yahoo Music

For those who are really interested in mainstream music, Yahoo Music has you covered. It provides access to information, lyrics and artists for a large number of the newer top 40 songs. You can also share with friends, if you have a Yahoo account, music and artists they may like.

#5. Spotify

Spotify is a new music program that’s just recently come to the U.S. from Europe, but they are well worth a look. Users have access to around 15 million songs, surely enough for the most discriminating of music listeners. They have a free service supported by ads and, if you wish to shell out some cash, a premium service that lets you download music to your phone.

free Music Online

#6. Shoutcast

Shoutcast is a massive, if older, site that gives free access to hundreds if not thousands of music stations. If you’re missing a radio station that’s out of range of your current area, just head on over to this site and they probably have it for you.

#7. Grooveshark

Grooveshark allows you to seek music you already enjoy and make a playlist. Then, just hit play and your set. Grooveshark is really good for listening to beloved music while surfing the web.

#8. TheSixtyOne

TheSixtyOne is a site for those who are interested in more obscure music. This site has tracks that you’ll never hear on the radio and thus, in spite of or because of this, they have managed to gain a cult following. These tracks have several gems that are well worth a listen.

#9. Soundcloud

Soundcloud is another station meant for the fans of indie music. There are plenty of amateur music producers uploading their pet band’s music and you, luckily, get to listen to them for free. This service serves to develop name recognition for up and coming bands and is well worth checking out.

#10. RadioTuna

RadioTuna is another excellent site that groups of radio stations. If you find a music station that you enjoy, such as classical rock, a large of list of other similar stations will pop up allowing you to choose ones you enjoy at your leisure.

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3 Comments to 10 Best Places to Listen to free Music Online

  1. When I want to hear something in particular, I use YouTube. However, if I want to hear some new music I go to StereoMood.com

    It’s an online radio that makes playlists according to your mood. They have all sorts of things and it’s really worth checking out. Playlists are named “happy”, “rainy day”, “spring cleaning”. You also get the info about the band and the song so that you can research it.

  2. Youtube’s new music section is quite cool. I’ve been listening to tunes there a lot lately. Shoutcast is the other one I used to listen to all the time. Their range is really vast.


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