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Focus on Link Building Strategies like Link Velocity and Link Diversity

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In this article we are going to deal with Key elements of Link Building strategies which makes your Backlinks count and improve your SERP results. You need to follow few strategies while getting backlinks to your blog/articles. While applying those strategies to increase your SERP ratings for certain keywords, you need to understand the limitations and protocols of Link Velocity as well as Link Diversity.

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization it is not just always about back-linking, instead it is about building a natural link profile. Google bot looks whether a sites back link profile looks natural or not and if it feels it is unnatural and over optimized then it might penalize the site. Building a natural link profile has immense SEO benefits in the long run and it will help a domain get good trust and authority which in turn can lead to the site ranking for more competitive keywords. So, Link Building Strategies which allow you to experience natural flow of Backlinks matters a lot.

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Two of the major factors which will make a link profile look natural are Link Velocity and Link Diversity which were considered as best and proved link building strategies. Careful craftsmanship of the two is what is needed.

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Best Link Building Strategies

Link Diversity and SEO

link diversity

Google can very well distinguish a back link which comes from a directory, blog comment, Social Media, forum post and a genuine article backlink. Getting links from directories alone will not help your site rank well neither is the case with blog comments or article directories. Application of Mixed Link Building Strategies works really well.

Even all sidebar links will not boost your rankings nor do just bunch of back links in the footer. You got to have links from within content, PDF documents and even presentations.

Link Velocity


If you have a new domain and you are building links too fast it seems very unnatural. Always the link growth should be steady. Google keeps track of the link count of each domain and if it observes a surge of back links then it might effect search rankings. Getting thousand of links with a week of launch of site is a alarm signal for Google and it may keep your site appear in the SERPS in spite of your site being indexed. Maintain correct velocity by applying perfect Link Building Strategies for best results. I personally recommend you to use a Document of your Backlinks which help you to analyze.(Also coined as Sandbox effect in few cases)

Let us know your link building strategies in the comments section below.

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