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LimeWire Prepares to Close Its Doors

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LimeWire has been fun while it lastested, but seven months after the peer-to-peer file-sharing service was defeated in federal court, its company is preparing to shut down.

In October, LimeWire stopped distributing its software and shut down its servers in order to comply with a court ruling stemming from its lawsuit with the RIAA. In June, the RIAA said it would seek $1 billion in statutory damages for the copyright infringement incurred by the service.

Today, LimeWire responded to Kafka, confirming in its statement that it is indeed closing its doors.

The statement:

“Given our current situation, plans to bring our separate, legal music service to market have been canceled. The beginning of 2011 will mark the closing of LimeWire’s New York office and cessation of business by LimeWire. We attracted some of the top talent from the technology community over the years to build our new music service. We’ll be helping our team members commence their job search over the next few months.”

This may be the final chapter in the LimeWire saga, but the debate on content distribution online is far from finished.

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