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Know Why Xiaomi Smartphones Are So Popular

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In spite of being in the business for merely four years, the Chinese smart phone maker surely knows how to play it big. Although Xiaomi was an alien brand outside of Asia for a long time latest analytics reports prove that the newbie Beijing-based company has grown to bag the position of fifth largest smart phone maker after Samsung, Apple, Lenovo, and Huawei.

And this is not just by fluke; there are plenty of reasons, which support this rise and some of those points are mentioned below.

• High Quality Devices

It is impossible to deny that Xiaomi offers high quality and great products. Excluding the high end flagships models like Mi 3 and Mi 4, the company’s budget line is extremely impressive and totally worth the value it extends. For instance, the Redmi Note is a 5.5 inch phablet powered by octa-core processor, which offers performance that grows way beyond its price.

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• Mi Fan Base

Similar to the fans of Samsung and Apple, Xiaomi also holds a very dedicated fans base, which totally loves the products. In fact, Mi fans always attend the company’s product launches without fail in China. The fan following of Xiaomi is not just limited to China, but reaches out to other countries on regular basis to discuss their crucial product.


Xiaomi products have MIUI (“my UI”) at the core, which is a ROM skin that powers the smartphones and also the tablets extended by the company. MIUI holds plenty of unique features, which is hard to find in Android or iOS devices such as varied themes and great navigation gestures as well. MIUI lets Xiaomi provide a very different experience when compared to other smart devices. And, just so you know the best part of Android ROM is that it can be downloaded and used on other Android devices as well.

• Hugo Barra

Hugo Barra represents the company’s face to the English-speaking media. His success with Google in the past as the vice president of Android holds a great impact of Xiaomi smartphones in the business. Under the direction of Barra, Xiaomi expects to grow well in the phone world by reaching maximum audience in two years down the lane.
With his good career relationships and extensive contacts, Barra could support Xiaomi to succeed well in the competitive phone market.

All these unique features differentiate Xiaomi from the rest of brands. And this impressive differentiation makes the phone a great choice for people who want style, performance, and durability in one package at a reasonable price.

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