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Know the 4 Best Available Bluetooth Keyboards for Your PC/Tablet

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Touch sensors are equipped in various electronic gadgets, but it comes to elongated typing; nothing can be as good as a keyboard. This is the reason why most tablets and convertible laptops come flat and even if a device comes with a flat keyboard attached to it, there is a highly possibility that it won’t be as comfortable as the traditional keyboards.

This has resulted in the creation of third-party keyboards, which use Bluetooth as a medium to connect to phones and tablets. Some of those keyboards are cheap, whereas some are uniquely expensive. Here is a list of all best Bluetooth keyboards available in the market.

1) Kensington KeyFolio Pro 2

It is more than a Bluetooth keyboard as it is a complete package that is designed to transform a 10-inch tab into a faux-laptop. This happens due to a case, which extends a built-in stand along with a removable keyboard. Also, the efforts made by Kensington provide a nice balance between functionality and price. The keyboard comes with a price tag of $100, but if searched right, it can be bought for even cheaper price.


2) Anker Bluetooth Keyboard

Anker Ultra Slim Mini Bluetooth keyboard is a replica of Apple’s wireless keyboard. It looks quite similar to Apple’s product and also gives similar feel. However, it not an Apple product, which means it is not expensive as hell and can be delivered to you for nearly $25. The keyboard is not very heavy and extends a good working experience. The only thing that it lacks is the presence of a stand. So, in case your tablet doesn’t have a stand, then consider buying a stand along with this product.

3) Logitech Tablet Keyboard

It is a less expensive tablet keyword by Logitech, which is available for just $70. It comes with a carrying case, which can also be converted into a tablet stand when the keyboard is in usage. This feature makes this product very convenient and easy to use. The tablet keyboard by Logitech is one of the best mobile keywords available in the market now. It works totally fine with smartphones and tablets of all sizes and shapes.

4) Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard

This keyboard by Microsoft is now available in the market for around $480 and is very similar to the tablet keyboard by Logitech.  The keyboard is light in weight, thin, and can also be converted into a stand to keep your tablet intact in its place. It is stable and very elegant, but the only flaw is that it doesn’t support all the smartphones and tablets. You can see more stories over here

These are the 4 best available Bluetooth keyboards in the market, which can be used to make your whole typing experience much simpler.

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