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Amazon Kindle Fire vs Nook Color Tablet [Comparison]

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Amazon Kindle Fire vs Nook Color book
In this post, we are going to deal with latest Fire edition from Amazon Kindle vs Nook Color tablet. Ever since the announcement of Kindle Fire’s launch, there has been a heat developing in the tablet market. Kindle Fire Vs Nook Color – The battle between the two is ongoing with the introduction of Kindle Fire since both of them come with almost the same features and Fire is completely patterned based on Color.

Let us take a look at the comparative analysis of these two gadgets that bestride the boundary between eReader and tablet.

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Comparison between Amazon Kindle Fire and Nook Color

Broadly speaking, both these can be considered as e-book readers that assist you in reading newspapers, books, magazines, and comics. But still, they provide the extra features of a tablet. Here’s a comparison based on different aspects like design, user interface, operating system, storage capacity, browsing, and price.

Kindle Fire Vs Nook Color

#1. Design 

Kindle Fire as well as Nook Color come featured with 7-inch displays with 1024 x 600-resolution, thus the size being almost the same. However, looking at the exact measurements, the Kindle device is a bit smaller (7.5 x 4.7 x 0.45 inches) and lighter (14.6 ounces) than the Nook gadget (8.1 x 5.0 x 0.48 inches with a weight of 15.6 ounces).

Visually, Kindle looks plain, while its rival has a more visual finesse along with a convenient hold-ability factor. Though Kindle lacks the visual flair, it works well in both landscape and portrait orientations, while Nook can be operated comfortably only in portrait orientation.

#2. User Interface and Operating System

It’s pretty evident that Kindle Fire has taken its cues from its rival in several areas. Both of these gadgets run on Android (Gingerbread for Kindle, Froyo for Nook) and they can cover any recognizable Android trapping using their own user interface. Ease of use is one of the major advantages of both devices.

#3. Browsing

Kindle Fire is undoubtedly the leader in this aspect even if it is compared to all its rivals, including Nook Color. It gets huge space, speed, and extra strength when uploading any site, thanks to Amazon’s cloud technology.

kindle fire vs nook color

#4. Storage Capacity

Nook Color offers an extendable storage capacity enabling the use of micro SD card. The storage space that it offers is 32 GB. On the contrary, Nook Color gives just 8 GB internal memory, which can again be stretched to unrestricted capacity due to its cloud technology. Hence, Kindle excels in terms of storage too.

#5. Price

Though the price of Nook Color was higher (at $249) before the introduction of Kindle Fire, it has been dropped post-introduction of Kindle after which both these devices can be availed at almost the same price ($199).

kindle fire vs nook color

From the above discussion, it is clear that some features of Kindle Fire are truly enticing and seem to be better than Nook Color. On the other hand, Nook Color also comes with some good features. So, the choice is completely based on individual needs and interests.

Which one of these would you opt for and why? Feel free to drop in your comments about your view on comparing both Amazon Kindle Fire vs Nook Color.

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14 Comments to Amazon Kindle Fire vs Nook Color Tablet [Comparison]

  1. This is really great to see the tablets are going at a reasonable rate. Maybe Amazon can tell the rest of the other companies (apple, RIM) to lower their price. I can understand the apple tables going for $600 but the playbook to go for the same price as well is absurd. The playbook is only good if you have a blackberry, otherwise it is just another tablet.

  2. Never heard of nook color !! it is older than kindle OMG i eed to do lots of home work . BTW Siddartha it was a nice comparison of both readers . i think kindle is better than nook .. Nook is from which company ?

  3. I like the Kindle Fire better. But if I were to choose from other tablets I would definitely go for asus transformer prime, samsung galaxy tab or ipad 3. ^_^

  4. I would as well go with the Fire but better, the Entourage Pocket Edge! Amazing little device, my buddy actually did a review over at my website! Regardless very informative post! 🙂

  5. There has been a lot of debate on which is superior? Both are like look alike and most of the features are also same but I lean more to Kindle, any Kindle is worth what you pay for them. You could read forever on what is available for free at Amazon.com

  6. Have not been impressed at all by the kindle fire. Nook color I like a little better but it’s nothing compared to Ipad2. Just my opinion

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