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Amazon Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 from Apple [Comparison]

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kindle fire vs ipad 2
In this post, we are going to compare Amazon Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 from Apple. The comparison between Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 may sound little silly in technical aspects, but when it comes to market stats Amazon Kindle Fire is throwing down the damn challenge for Apple iPad 2. The other day, Amazon released an official note regarding the Kindle Fire sales, claiming that they sold over 4 million devices for the month of December. While other companies like Samsung have also announced their Sales record for the year of 2011. Most of the Apple lovers are waiting for them to make a statement as an answer for these companies, but still Apple haven’t responded.

If we are comparing Kindle Fire vs iPad 2, I personally believe that Apple iPad’s technical features are way ahead of Kindle Fire. But, the sales record suggests that most of the people loved to buy Kindle Fire for this Festive season instead of iPad 2 and one of the major reason is the low price tag carried by Kindle Fire which is considered as its success formula by the market experts.

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The customer thinking may vary, but most of the people don’t hesitate to buy a Tablet at cheaper price instead of considering the brand name and it is proved in the case of Kindle Fire vs iPad 2, for the month of December 2011.

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 – Comparison

#1. Dimensions and Display

The major reason that, most of the people love to buy Apple iPad is definitely because of its sleek design and also the wide display of 9.7 inches with 1024×768 resolution. On the other hand, Kindle Fire comes up with 7 inch display and 1024×600 resolution. Kindle Fire is certainly the winner when it comes to the quality of display. Apple iPad 2 is heavier than Kindle fire because of usage of quality metal products in manufacturing. Both the Tablets comes with in-plane switching display. Most of the gadget freaks might answer that iPad’s screen quality is prior to Kindle, but if we consider the practical aspect that iPad displays fewer pixels per inch when compared to Kindle Fire on its screen. Kindle Fire has 28% higher pixel density than Apple iPad 2.

Verdict – If you are serious about the display size, iPad 2 is the best choice for you and you can simply neglect Kindle Fire. On the other hand, if you are looking for some tablet that is small, portable and really easy to carry anywhere by fitting perfectly in your bags then Kindle Fire is going to be the best option for you.

kindle fire vs ipad 2

Dimensions - Kindle Fire vs iPad 2

#2. Processor and Software

Kindle Fire and iPad 2, both doesn’t have much of the difference in their Processor and RAM. You can expect the even contest in the comparison between Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 as both these tablets are loaded with 1 GHz dual-core processor and 512 MB on board RAM. The user doesn’t experience any sort of hiccups while playing games or running heavy applications with these tablets. Kindle Fire comes with 1 GHz TI OMAP 4 Dual-core and Apple iPad 2 comes with 1 GHz Apple A5 Dual-core processor.

The Kindle Fire runs with Android 2.1 OS while Apple iPad 2 comes with iOS 4.X. Kindle Fire is loaded with 8GB internal storage and also Web-based storage from Amazon which facilitates with digital content such as Kindle e-books, music etc. Apple iPad 2 comes up with 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB variants. Both Kindle Fire and Apple iPad 2 doesn’t have SD slots which is one of the setbacks of both tablets.

Verdict – In comparing Processor and Software specifications of Kindle Fire vs iPad 2, both these tablets have almost same features. So, its going to be your choice.

kindle fire vs ipad 2

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2

#3. Other Features and Specifications

Kindle Fire lacks Camera while Apple iPad 2 comes with Front(0.3 MP) and Rear End(0.7 MP) cameras. Apple iPad 2 comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1, while Kindle Fire doesn’t have Bluetooth option but it does have Wi-Fi. Kindle Fire is currently facing few Wi-Fi connectivity issues.

Kindle Fire comes with Android 2.1 OS and it is estimated that over 0.5 million active applications that are compatible while Apple iPad 2 is estimated to have over 5 million application compatibility, which is over 10 times more app selection facility for iPad users.

The Battery life of Apple iPad 2 is far ahead of Kindle Fire. As, the battery life varies when Wi-Fi is on or off, but it is regardless as Apple iPad 2 is clearly ahead in both aspects. The battery life of Apple iPad 2 lasts between 10hrs(talk time) – 720 hrs(stand by) while the Kindle Fire’s battery life ranges between 8 hrs (talk time) to 540 hrs (stand by).

The price of Apple iPad 2 varies and it based on the storage capacity aspect. The price of Apple iPad 2 ranges between $499 – $899. While Kindle Fire just costs you $199 which is $300 less than the Basic option of Apple iPad 2.

Kindle fire vs ipad 2

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2

Final Verdict – If, you ask me the questions like: “Kindle Fire is an alternative to Apple iPad 2 or not”, I will certainly answer no, and will extend the reason that Kindle Fire is a Tablet can be owned at cheaper rate with minimal features while, if you want to enjoy complete features of a tablet PC, Apple iPad 2 is the best option.

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 – Brief Table Comparison

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2

Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 - Table Comparison

So, folks hope we’ve cleared your doubts by comparing Kindle Fire with Apple iPad 2. We believe, we’ve covered most important and considerable aspects in this comparison. Stay tuned for more articles related to Kindle Fire vs iPad 2 comparison.

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  1. The design of iPad 2 is more interesting as seen in the table but you know, the price is a big factor. Most buyers considers price WITH quality.

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